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    Transfer case won't stay in "high" and whines.

    This might be what you're looking for:
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    engine damage?

    I think Lloyd is right. If it's a plastic ball with two lines (actually hard vacuum hose) I think it's the vacuum resevoir. I forgot to hook up the lines once and had only full hot out of the vents. Curious as to how it melted. Mine is mounted a good distance from the engine.
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    antifreeze leak

    Mike, I've been chasing anti-freeze leaks off and on for several years ('95). My usual suspects: heater control valve (twice), lower intake manifold gaskets (once), split in heater core inlet (once - JB weld), and hose connections (3-4). I put all new heater hoses with clamps and a...
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    Use a laptop as a scanguage?

    LLoyd, Go to and see if this is what you are looking for: "This Scan Tool supports KOEO and KOER for 1984 and newer Ford EEC-IV vehicles and DCL powertrain data, if supported, for 1990 and newer* Ford EEC-IV vehicles. Users are allowed to connect to 20 different Ford DCL...
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    high pitched chirping at slow speeds

    Same Problem Swanny, Have the same problem and noticed it getting louder on a recent trip to Yellowstone. Loud enough to hear at slow speed going through small towns (sound reflects off the buildings) but no sound at higher speeds. From reading it seems that the front yoke seal on the...
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    Repair manual

    Holger, All three appear to be copies of authentic Ford Shop Manuals. Without commenting on the selling of copies, it appears that all will provide the same information. One CD usually covers all trucks for a model year. Since all are for the 1998 model year, you could contact the sellers...
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    4.0 OHC Motor Lifting Points

    Reading through the procedures it appears that the transmission can remain but of course should be properly supported. I have the manuals for 1995 and 2000 Ford trucks. If you need any information from them, let me know. Hope this helps. Rich
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    4.0 OHC Motor Lifting Points

    The above photos are for the 4.0L OHV (I have a '95). I looked in my 2000 shop manual for the OHC and they use lifting eyes that attach to the manifold studs. "33. Note: The lifting eyes should be installed on the exhaust manifold studs for number three and number four cylinders...
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    4.0 OHC Motor Lifting Points

    You're not blind and I think it's a good question. I don't think that there are integral lift hooks. I found these pictures of some nice attached hooks but haven't found them anywhere for purchase: I know that a lot of forum members pull engines. Anyone care to tell us how you do it...
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    4R55E Help...

    We really need an expert here but I'll tell you what the book knows: Solenoid Service Removal and Installation NOTE: Main control assembly does not need to be removed for solenoid service. 1. Remove fluid pan gasket and filter as described in this section. Of course they show...
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    4R55E Help...

    Still thinking out loud until the experts check in....... If a "Failed ON" solenoid 2 (SS2) would cause it to stick in second, I would think that the associated valve sticking or a failed return spring could cause the same condition. Probably best to do electrical checks first.
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    4R55E Help...

    The fact that it was working and then failed to second gear only may indicate that shift solenoid (SS2) failed on. Brain could give you better input. If you need any wiring or test info let me know.
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    4R55E Help...

    Barcuss, I'm not that knowledgeable but I have a shop manual and am studying for the inevitable rebuild. Pg 07-01A-39 says the following (an expansion of the ATSG info you have): "Symtoms: SS2: Improper gear selection depending on failure mode and manual lever position. Failed ON - 2nd...
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    Leaking Transfer Case

    Notes on my last post: Vehicle is safely supported. No need to remove the case. The socket has to be "thin walled" to fit. Let me know how it goes. I'm getting ready to do it also to get rid of a squeak that I think is coming from the front seal. I haven't located a thin walled socket yet.
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    Leaking Transfer Case

    Page 7-20 of the Chilton's 1991-1997 Explorer has the procedure for the front seal. Essentially remove skid plate, damper and drain the case. Match mark the shaft and use a 30mm (1.18 in.) socket to remove the yoke retaining nut. Remove the yoke washer, rubber seal and yoke. Remove the seal with...
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    damm lifter noise..gone

    The OHV is zero lash.
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    b/h inspection plate on 95 auto??? (removing motor ?s)

    The converter- to- flexplate attaching nuts are accessed through the starter mounting hole. Remove the starter-to-converter housing attaching bolts and position the starter out of the way. (Sounds like you have already done this.) Mark and index the converter stud to flexplate. Remove...
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    What is a transfer case?

    This is in the form of questions for those who know to help the lady out: 1. If the T-case has internal damage (lack of lube, bearings, gears etc.), will simply disconnecting the front drive shaft make any difference? 2. As an inexpensive fix (disabling 4WD), will a 2WD output shaft and...
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    what tcase do i have? 1995 4.0L.... BW 1354??

    Mine ('95 XLT 4WD) is a BW 44-05. It's labeled so you can tell for sure by getting underneath.:)
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    Mounting tranny

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    Mounting tranny

    Good question, I was wondering about that too. I think OperaHouse has done it but he didn't mention any details. I'm really interested in how your rebuild goes.
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    Tranny Grinding

    I had a similar situation. ('95 XLT Auto, 120k). Had the 4WD/4WD LOW lights flash. Cycled through AUTO and LOW and everything seemed fine. When I shifted into reverse had the grinding metal noise. I haven't confirmed it but I think it was from the transfer case. The first thing I...
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    Transmission/Transfer Case: Death Scream or Good to Go?

    Opera House, Thanks for the reply. I do plan to remove the shift motor and wire it out of the way after checking the shift shaft in the 2WD position. (Luckily, I brought enough tools for that.) I just wanted to make sure the motor mounting was a "dry" mounting on the BW 44-05 with a seal...
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    Transmission/Transfer Case: Death Scream or Good to Go?

    Robert, Thanks for the reply. The symtoms sound very similar and your experience gives me more confidence that the basic transmission is OK and it will make it home. I was considering removing the shift motor here to make sure that it didn't shift out of 2WD. Thanks again, Rich
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    Transmission/Transfer Case: Death Scream or Good to Go?

    '95 Explorer XLT, 4.0L, AT, 4R55E, 4WD BW 44-05,118,000 trouble free miles. Excellent maintenance (do it myself); last transmission flush at 90,000. At aproximately mile 1000 of an 1100 mile trip to visit mom in Florida. At 70mph steady cruise, the 4WD and 4WD LOW lights both came on...