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    Need help: Regearing

    ok just wondering...if i ever got 37's on my truck would 4.56's be enough?
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    late model seats in 1st gen????

    so seats off a '02 will work? just as long as i use the 91 seat tracks?
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    d44 from bronco?

    kewl, but is this swap pretty expensive? i got it in the paint shop right now so that hurt my pocket lots. especially since it was crashed. the truck to tell u the truth will be street driven mostly, i just wanna fit 36's on it w/18 inch wheels. i should have this done by the time i get back...
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    d44 from bronco?

    i see every one using late bronco axles or truck axles. has anyone used the axles off a '75 bronco? it has a 9 inch in the back and d44 in the front. i have a friend willing to do the swap for me and show me the way. is this way expensive? the plan is to put donahoe coils under the front and...
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    late model seats in 1st gen????

    alright guys, sorry if this is a cliche question, but here goes. i got a 91 X, got everything close to done till i look in my truck and it a stock truck. so do the seats bolt on from a new x into a 1st gen, if so what years?? does the back seat go in also? i'm in the process of...
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    New 31s

    hey man i used to run buckshot mudders in a 235/75 r 15 before i got my 31's. they did well for little tires, though the guy i got them from ran chains on them so they wore uneven and were loud as freak. but they did well in the mud and snow. that's all the terrain i experience in texas. as for...
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    quick axle question

    would a d44 off a 86 wagoneer work ?
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    quick axle question

    ok james t, but check it out guys. i saw a 86 jeep wagoneer w/a d44 pumpkin on the left side and i know u can throw lockin hubs on them. is it possible. the axles are wider but as i was told the axles in the rear aren't a problem thanks get back 2 me
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    quick axle question

    so what do y'all recomend a d44 in front. but off of what a old bronco. my friend said a 70 bronco d44 would prolly work. they guy didn't really get under my truck and look. and i haven't really looked at a toyota closely 2 know the pumpkin is on the wrong side:-/. somebody said spacers for the...
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    quick axle question

    ok so i'm getting a bonus for getting in the army. so i got some spare cash 2 spend on my truck. i went 2 a shop and asked them if they could do the live axle swap and custom's gonna be like 1500 bucks. all i need 2 do is find the axles. he said toyota axles are way better than a d44 and...
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    New 33" meats...finally!

    that the 5.5 inch lift w/the 3 in bl combo?
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    Fender Flares or Fiberglass

    what gives? i went on the perry web site and found the fiberglass fenders for a 92 x. but no price? can any one tell me how much they are? por favor:D
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    losing compression?

    i'm not sure but how do i tell if i'm losing it? the compression that is:rolleyes: . she sounds different when i turn her on. i don't know it just sounds alot more sluggish. she still goes as fast as b4. if fast is the word. :cool: .
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    Common problems by year...

    just in 6 months first off had 2 replace the rotors n bearings in front after like a week of owning it. had the a/c compressor replaced. broke after 2 weeks of it on. got that one replaces again and that one lasted 3 weeks. and i have no a/c again. don't buy ur air compressors at O'reilly's...
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    undercarriage paint?

    just wondering what y'all use on your undercarriage 2 stop the rusting. i live out here next 2 a salt ocean(south padre island). and this mist just gets everywhere. i saw a can of paint w/ a 18 wheeler on it and heard something about the moisture actually helping in preventing rust. :eek: kewl...
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    my baby is now crashed

    no sh*t. well i got the hook up w/my friend for the hood grill headlight and the little strip of metal between the grill and bumper. just 180.00$. not painted:( . hey now that i'm on this. i know i won't buy the fenders in the near future but. anyone running them, how much were they more or...
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    my baby is now crashed

    so i just bought this one and she was perfect. but now she's been crashed. by the way never play chicken w/ an f-350. haha j/k. but anywho i gotta replace the hood grill and bumper. does anyone know how much those james duff prerunner bars run for?
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    where r u break fluid?

    what's up w/ my rig is peeing it's break fluid. what is it????? i'm dumb sorry guys.
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    not quite 31's, yet mudders

    well they were used. 2 of em look pretty new. the other ones look more studed the guy said he used 2 use chains on them for the snow. it's evenly worn. just one lug is low then the next high?:eek: didn't even know they made then bias and radial. they sound like boggers goin down the free way.
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    old leaves good for soa

    no it's a 4x4 just don't wanna change my name . i used 2 own a 2wd. but after the 5.5 is there any other way to get a few more inches under there. i don't even wanna think about the body lift onless there's no other way. i just don't like the gap between the bumper and body. that's all thanx
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    floor it!!!ahh noo

    by complete tune up do u mean oil change, spark plugs, tranny fluid and filter and radiator flush. cuz if that's what u mean i've had 2 oil changes in the past 6 months and one tranny and one sparks plug change. and flushed it once already.
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    not quite 31's, yet mudders

    well i just got a great deal on some buckshot mudders. 235/75 r15.:eek: still a small tire but aggresive i got the set for 60 bucks. any one have any experience w/ these. there damn loud.
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    White letters in or out?

    i like black out it looks a lil more tough. :D if u running black wheels it'll look a little more stout if u running stock wheels white out looks more streetish.
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    No more pinstripes!!!!!!!

    hey looks real nice how did u take off the pinstriping? i tryed 2 take it off w/a razor blade but i did a chip on the paint so i stopped imediately. good thing i tried it in the back. makes ur truck look more sleek.
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    31x12.50's 2inches of lift?

    change of plans, i ordered 31x11.50 super swamper LTB's, cheaper and i don't really want my tire 2 last that long. i think that'll wokr alot better. looks tough. now i gotta order that lift. just one question after the leaves and new springs are put on will i have 2 do anything else? like long...