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    Manual locking HUBS?

    There is a way to do it. Convert Ford Ranger Live Axles To Manual Hubs : The Ranger Station
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    NEW hood option available! MUST SEE !!

    Where in NJ are you located? I'd like to see this in person.
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    Radiator recomendations

    I installed this very same radiator last September. I also had the same problem connecting to the transmission cooler bungs. I solved the problem by buying a short hard brake line, cut it in half and then cut it shorter to fit, then double flared the end. I then clamped a piece of transmission...
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    Seat motor not working

    Not to threadjack, but wouldn't it be easier to find manual seat tracks and just do away with the power sliding? Which seat tracks would work for this? Explorer, Ranger, or something else?
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    5W30 vs 10W40 in hot weather

    It is recommended to use 10w30, NOT 10w40 when the temperature is over 32°F. 10w40 is just too thick at any temperature.
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    Project snorkel

    Sorry to bring back a old thread. But I have a couple questions. 1.) How did you block off the original opening in the air box? 2.) What did you use to connect the flex hose to the air box in the different location?
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    new shock recommendation

    After almost losing control running down the highway and hitting a small bump, I finally decided to purchase a new set of shocks. I just bought a set of KYB Gas-a-Just shocks from for $161.44. As soon as they arrive, I'll install them and tell you how they feel.
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    WANTED: 01-05 Sport Trac bumper cover

    I'm looking at building/welding my own front winch bumper. I'm looking for a rough bumper cover that I'll have zero problems cutting up. My bumper now is in awesome condition which is making me hesitate taking a knife to it. I'm looking for a torn up cover. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
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    WTB: 3rd Gen Limited Radio

    I used to have the same problem with my old Ranger. Replaced it with a Clarion radio I have had for 15 years. When I bought my 01 Sport Trac, I pulled the stock radio out and put the Clarion in. How much were you looking to spend for a stock AM/FM tape/CD radio?
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    2001-05 Explorer Sport and Sport Trac Fog Light Mod

    2001-05 Explorer Sport and Sport Trac fog light modification with photos After reading on how to do the fog light mod on the regular Explorers, I figured I could do the same to my 01 Sport Trac. It was actually quite easy after checking out the wiring diagram manual I just bought. I flipped...
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    East Coast List

    Rob Vineland, NJ 2001 Explorer Sport Trac - 4.0 SOHC 4x4
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    Shackle fabrication

    Awesome write up but I have one question, I have a nice sized chunk of 1/4" plate. I'm curious if this would work? I know 1/4" isn't as thick as 3/8" but it's all I have at the present moment.
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    How to: 2nd Gen Gauge Cluster Removal and LED Conversion V2

    Just curious, why isn't this a sticky?
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    How to: 2nd Gen Gauge Cluster Removal and LED Conversion V2

    Just finished installing the LED's last night. I have one thing to say, holy cow it's a night and day difference!! I have to turn the dimmer switch down to even come close to where the incandescent bulbs were on full brightness. Thank you for the awesome write up.
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    How to: 2nd Gen Gauge Cluster Removal and LED Conversion V2

    I just ordered a set of LED's from ebay. $6.88 for 20 was a decent deal. The real question I should be asking is how long will they last?
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    01 ST electrical gremlins

    Found the writeup for the bulb replacement.
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    01 ST electrical gremlins

    Anyone know where I can find a writeup of how to disconnect the gear indicator? Not to poke holes in your suggestion but wouldn't the lights not work when hitting the brakes or the turn signals? This would be most likely scenario but I haven't crawled underneath to check yet. I need to...
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    01 ST electrical gremlins

    Hey everyone, I've been a member lurking for a couple years now and never had a Explorer. Always had Rangers and spent most of my time over at another forum. But now I have bought my first Explorer, a 01 Sport Trac built in November of 2000. The reason I'm posting today is that I have found a...
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    sport track dana 30 sas project

    Are you going to do the ford/jeep adaptation on the new truck as well?
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    sport track dana 30 sas project

    I'm curious, how does it drive down the road?