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  1. Z

    Automatic transmission rant

    Nicely done, good info and follow up, thanx.
  2. Z

    Fan clutch replacement

    Fan Clutch I know mines bad because it sounds like an airplane propeller...not supposed to do that.
  3. Z

    Fan clutch replacement

    Awesome! Thanx!
  4. Z

    A/C compressor wont run at all. Any ideas?

    It was the relay, no power to the pressure switch. Got a new pressure switch (9.00) just for s&g's. Replaced relay with new (12.00) and I now have A/C!!! Now on to the "flare".
  5. Z

    A/C compressor wont run at all. Any ideas?

    what if I jumpered the low pressure switch, got nothing. But put 12 v and ground to solinoid and it engaged? Bad relay in black box under hood?
  6. Z

    How to: 5R55W transmission servo piston removal

    Thank you for this wonderful thread!!!