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    Comment by 'Alto' in media 'Roof Rack Weight'

    Wow I don't remember this post coming up? Yes it is Saudi Arabia, I'm in the Rub' al-Khali aka "The Empty Quarter" about 70 miles from the Yemen border + or -. On top of the Roof Rack? I'm sitting on top of a Aluminum Box 4'x2'x1 1/2' full of extra stuff, oil, radiator/power...
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    power window problems

    Your window motor will have to be changed, Rebuild it? Its pretty inclosed I don't think you can rebuild it. You could remove the door panel, use WD-40 and lube all the hinges , motor & rollers that should free up everything you may have to push up on the window a bit. that should fix it for a...
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    Any info on Manik Grille/Brush Guards

    Go with a new Bumper!!! I purchased a Go Rhino about 5 years ago. Its held up well... But for the amount that I payed for it? Another $50- $100 bucks and I could of had a new custom bumper. I'm not positive of the prices but ARB, Road Armor, Trail Ready all make some. For the Explorer??? But...
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    Front end squeak?

    Thanks still have the problem I'll check the CV's. I used to have alot of free time, now with my Daughter where does the time go???
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    Front end squeak?

    I've recently had my ball joints replace 7-9 months ago. I hope they didn't go bad again. I'll try and WD the A-arm bushings. When I rock her there is no sound. I just don't want to cause major damage so I've been running afriends truck that I'm trying to sell. When I turn its the same.
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    Front end squeak?

    I've search over the last few days with no luck. I beleive its in the front end, the wife isn't to happy with the idea of hanging out to find the sound & refuses to drive while I do...( maybe I should not have mentioned that first I wanted to lay on the creeper while she drove) Usually I...
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    Windstar overhead console install in X!

    Light Fixed kind of... I found my set of 2 foot alligator jumper clips. Used those and got the light working. It does however perminently stay on if turned on then off in a certian sequence. Just have to reverse sequence and turn them off. That I can deal with.
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    Need Buckwheat Pics!

    Thanks for the Photo's I'll be shoe polishing myself up, Using about a can of hair spray & a pound of gel but I should get my hair pretty straight. It should turn out pretty good. O' tay later Alto
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    Need Buckwheat Pics!

    It Halloween Again This year I've desided to go as Buckwheat. I haven't been able to find any good Photo's. the last few years I've been... Land Shark Chicetta Banana Lady(can't remember her real name) 60's Hippie Fairy (think Scrooged it sounded like a good idea at the time)...
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    A/C works on High only

    You could try pulling it out when I did mine was stiff to turn but I has some mesh like, cloth like stuff coming out the sides. It also smelled kind of off. Burntish kind of smell. with it out you could try to make it run that way and see. How long has yours been out. Mine went from first...
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    A/C works on High only

    To find out if it is in fact the blow motor! Open the hood, open your passanger door or window and with one hand over the vent (with a/c switch on) hit the motor with a hammer or plyers you really don't need to dent the motor just hit it until it starts blowing. This worked on mine for a about...
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    Buying a shotgun...

    I may be wrong but I agreed with a friend of mine who said.. Have the first 2 shells be rubber or bag then have the rest #2's. That way if you have a accident, yourself or family is save and if its an intruder then you'll knock them down then you can have a clear shot to shoot them. Well you...
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    A/C works on High only

    Sorry its been awhile my computer has been down for awhile. Thanks for all the help! I found out when I knocked on the blow motor with my handy dandy Leatherman Super Tool that it would start. It worked for awhile then it would slow up, then it would only work when in motion. Bought a...
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    A/C works on High only

    Ok new problem, Sometimes I start the Explorer and NO A/C. I go driving & it comes on after about 5-15 minutes. When it's not working and I increase speed it will blow alittle but not alot. The faster I go the stronger it becomes. Even though its not alot it's still better than none. Of course...
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    Fender trimming for larger tires?

    There is trimming the tupperware. You will usually trim this first. Never needed to trim mine with the 31"'s some people did(stock rims). I trimmed alittle tupperware when I went to 33"'s with the stock rims. I had to trim almost 1"-1 1/2" to get the 33"'s on my 10" rims.
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    How Fast Did Your Explorer Go?

    I topped her out at 111mph according to my GPS. That's with the all the lift, 33's, 10"rims, fully loaded for Desert Exploration ie.. Camping for 2 weeks Handled like a dream even went hands free.. Staight as an Arrow
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    I got a used scuba regulator and a scuba tank. Total cost $40 Hydro tested $10 Holds 3000psi The regulator is set for 140psi + or - output. Used a 80 liter (liter I think thats it) was able to Air 17 tires, 31"x15" tires from 15psi to 33psi. I can run into a Dive shop for $4.00 & 5...
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    Spark Plug Help!

    Yes the plate is from Saudi Arabia. I work over here with Boeing/Dynacorp. Been here a few years, but not much more now!
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    A/C works on High only

    Thanks for all the help ! I replaced my Blower Moter Resistor 50SR or $13, that fixed the problem, the old one was sooo rusty don't know how it worked so long. Changing it was really easy, once I found it! I found it easier to partially remove the Air Intake, unbolt the Wiper fluid &...
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    Spark Plug Help!

    Thanks Trinity is always a work in progress. I found that the part # 42PP is located on the sticker under the hood.(the long one above the fan shroud) Take a look at what it says. maybe the 42C is a sub. Could also be an emissions thing. What is your local Dealer/shop saying.
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    Spark Plug Help!

    I know that the Part # is 42PP but I was told that the 42FM's I thought were wrong were infact also on the ford sub. list. check 42PP or 42FM
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    180 t stat

    Anyone know the part # for the 192/195 therostat? I think I replaced my with the wrong one. The parts shop here gave me Spark plugs 42FM instead of 42PP (didn't notice until after I replaced them) I think they also gave me the wrong t-stat. I want to pick up the correct t-stat & spark...
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    Buying a house, what to do?

    The big thing about buying a house is you must deside if this is the one you wish to live in and grow old with! You could buy #1 paint, clean inside, clean outside garden abit, invest $1,000 - $ 3,000 and turn around get a good realty company and make $10,000 - $30,000 + I know a few...
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    Windstar overhead console install in X!

    found out that both are positive from the truck. got 5 wires going from the console. used two wires for ground & the other 3 for power. now I have map lights, but no dome light. I also have the cargo & door lights on all the time. trying to figure this out. If I could get my hands on a...
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    Windstar overhead console install in X!

    Light hook-up Question? I've installed overhead console from a Expedition. I'll be moving my Air Switches up later. For now I need to hook-up the lights. When I removed the old light I had 2 wires. Green/Orange & Black/Blue. I know that one is the ground the other is power which is...