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  1. J

    Hub assembly

    I have always used Timken bearings. Usually they are US or Canadian made and are used in my experience in aviation and are FAA certified on your older tapered bearing style. I stick with them, but they a lot of good bearing companies out there. I replaced all mine in my 2002 with them just...
  2. J

    4 wheel drive will not disengage and i never put in in to begin with

    My 2002 started doing the same a few years back. I have been told that it is the 2 speed sensors on the transfer case. I wasn't too bad until recently. Being a bit short on cash and not wanting the drivetrain to eat itself up I disconnected the main wiring harness at the transfer case shift...
  3. J

    Brake pedal

    I agree, check the brake booster, check the line from the Throttle body to the check valve at the booster as well. I have only seen a check valve fail one time on an old Monte Carlo, but it would be nice if it were that simple.
  4. J

    HELP! 2005 XLT will not go over 20mph

    It could be the Cats, I just went though that with mine.There are some ways to check them if you search youtube there are some good troubleshooting videos for it. climb under and tap them with a deadblow hammer and see if you hear a rattle (other than the shields). My drivers side and and 3rd...
  5. J

    4.6 Explorer Humorous Fixes (But They Worked!)

    So I was just doing the daily checks on my unconventional repairs until I can afford to fix them correctly and decided I was "Hangry" about a few things so I went to the store at 5 am and made "Garage Pot Roast" in the crock pot in the garage. Why do I have a crock pot in the garage? How did I...
  6. J

    Multiple broken exhaust studs - best way to repair?

    There are a few good videos on youtube that can help you out on those, most refer to the 5.4, but they will work on the 4.6
  7. J

    03 Explorer 4wd 5r55w going into neutral while in drive or reverse

    What is the difference between the 5R55 Transmissions? I have seen the S and W. Mine has the W. Is it the AWD vs 4WD or does it have something to do with Gear Ratios or tire size? My 02 has the 245 tire size and is 4wd and has the W. Also can you go from the smaller 235 size tire to the 245...
  8. J

    What is this Switch for? (Under the hood)

    Here is the light I found and rewired and added a clamp to. Did not cost a dime and is nice to have in the toolbox. Works as a test light if you use some paper clips or scrap wires on the leads as well.
  9. J

    What is this Switch for? (Under the hood)

    I thought it may signal the "Door Ajar" if your hood was unlatched, I tested it, and nope. I have seen it on many Explorers and Mountaniers and it seems to do nothing! Does anyone have an under hood light on their truck? I did make an under hood light out of a few alligator clips and an old 1156...
  10. J

    What is this Switch for? (Under the hood)

    I cannot figure out what this switch is for. I Assume it may be for an under hood light, which my truck does not have. I may be wrong. The harness goes somewhere into the mysterious wiring of the truck. I don't think I have seen an Explorer with a light under the hood. Mine has pretty much all...
  11. J

    Lift gate glass

    Here is a picture of where my 2002 upper Glass (hatch) release is. Just to the right of the little rusty bolt. Never knew it was there!
  12. J

    code p1131 & p1151 check engine question

    Mine had that same issue once and it turned out just to be that some water had got into the plug wells from condensation, it caused a misfire that went away when the temperature warmed up and the water dried out. Had it happen another time where the valve cover leaked and got oil in the plug...
  13. J

    Lift gate glass

    Are you just unlocking it with the remote or have you tried to release it using the button on the rear hatch next to the handle to the whole hatch? I never knew the button was there until a month ago after having the truck 8 years! Lost my remote and could not open just the top glass until...
  14. J

    4.6 Explorer Humorous Fixes (But They Worked!)

    About $73 on RockAuto. from Dorman, my fix is holding up for now. I just keep an eye on it. I only drive a few miles a day. I thought I would get more comments on the strange coolant hose fix than anything. It even has a valve that I can shut the flow off if I want, LOL.
  15. J

    4.6 Explorer Humorous Fixes (But They Worked!)

    It is actually the 90 degree elbow hose off of the broken plastic check valve from the heater hose. It has not been on there for maybe about 45 days or so and when I first ran it a few times it did stink and melted a bit to the pipe, but like I said, when you are broke and have to fix something...
  16. J

    4.6 Explorer Humorous Fixes (But They Worked!)

    Here are some of the interesting fixes I have had to do on my 2002 Explorer when I just have had no other option at the time. Broken EGR pipe while replacing your manifold, Hood support struts try to kill you because they no longer work, broke some plastic check valve thing in your heater hose...
  17. J

    Tips for Dorman 615-175 Intake Manifold Installation

    I will have to go back and do a better plug job on that coolant passage. One question I have is what is that ground for? I just cut it and put a connector on it and it is OK, but I wondered what it was for. I also wondered what the differences between The "W" 4.6 and The "R" are. I know the W is...
  18. J

    3rd generation rear wheel bearing alternate approach

    My right rear bearing was so seized in on my 2002 that we cracked the spindle or knuckle whatever you want to call it that with it in a 20 ton press it would not budge even after heating it with a torch. My truck is relatively rust free underneath, so I can imagine how bad it would be after...
  19. J

    2002 4.6L Intake after 199k

    Hi All, Here is what I found with my 2002 4.6L intake manifold after 199k miles. It had been losing coolant for a few years, but after it got really bad I finally put a new Dorman intake on it. Here are the pictures of what I found. I removed the coolant runner off the front to show the blown...
  20. J

    Not much heat

    I used to have this issue on my 2002 V8 Explorer and figured it was the thermostat. I replaced it and began noticing that the coolant level was going low every month or so and I would just fill it up. The coolant loss got worse and worse until I figured out that it had blown the intake gasket...
  21. J

    Won't start

    Any idea when the fuel filter was changed last? I just thought of this as well, look at the rollover/fuel shut off switch. It is on the passenger side. If you are sitting in the passenger seat it will be located in the trim panel by your right foot. There is a little U shaped cutout in the trim...
  22. J

    Won't start

    Have the fuel pressure checked, the fuel pump may have failed. Can you hear the pump turn on when you turn the key to the position before actually engaging the starter? If not then the pump may have failed or a relay or fuse. Just a start to troubleshoot it. On my 2002 the fuel pump relay is #48...
  23. J

    Hair pulling electrical issues

    When I got into the door panel and got to the switch and tried to pull the connector off the switch completely came apart. That is why I just jumped the switch and all of my alarm and door ajar issues went away. I never had the window issues though. The WD-40 worked for a little, but the switch...
  24. J

    Hair pulling electrical issues

    2002-2005 Ford Explorer Door Ajar Light: Common Door Wiring Faults look for this on youtube. it is your door ajar switch. This video shows how to fix it. I just disconnected the switch and ran a wire between the two female ends. The only downside is that my interior light does not come on when I...
  25. J

    2002 4.6L Strange Fuel issue

    Hi Everyone, This is an issue that maybe one of you can explain. My 2002 V8 Explorer with 199k miles has had a few issues with performance so I dug in and found the following. Both the driver's side and 3rd Catalytic have blown all of the cores out of them, the driver's side upstream O2 sensor...