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    adjust your TPS (another free hp mod)

    1.5 years later and I still think this "mod" is a complete waste of time. If it's off, go buy a new one. For $35.00, I don't know why anyone would waste their time drilling.
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    supercharger on 5.0 in explorer

    Your question doesn't make any sense. Are you saying you're using a 96 Explorer's 5.0 in your 94 Explorer? You can find one for a 96-01 5.0 here:
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    Idling Low???

    It could also be the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). I had a rough idle until I replaced mine. And don't mess with that ridiculous "TPS mod" (if you don't know what I mean, do a search). It's a complete waste of time, not to mention you can get a new TPS for about $30.
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    01 XLT looking for Mods, suggestions please!

    Gears aren't going to help you much on a 4800lb SUV. You might as well scrap that idea and go for a supercharger. You keep saying you need more power so there you go. Personally, my X is quite fast. Then again, I don't tow anything. You have the exhaust so next you need an intake and a...
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    Muffler opinions

    You can find 40 series on Ebay for $30-$40 easily. If you had a V8 (obviously you don't), I'd say get the 50 series.
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    1997 Explorer tranny broke??? said the Ford Dealer

    I agree. Try cleaning/replacing the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve. That is known to create a "howling" noise. I don't know that a tranny would make a "howling" noise. That one's new to me. You obviously have tranny problems since you can't reverse but I definitely wouldn't let those hacks...
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    Transmission shift kit install - filter screen???

    That's something different. I replaced that with the one in the B&M kit. Apparently, the Baumann kit, which I learned from someone else, says you don't need that trapazoidal looking screen. Anyhow, I have a bigger problem. Now, when I hit the gas to accelerate, the engine sputters and has...
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    Transmission shift kit install - filter screen???

    Transmission shift kit install - sputtering engine/power loss I'm just about done with my B&M shift kit install (4R70W trans). At some point during the inital tear down, a small screen filter fell out. It has sort of a trapezoidal shap on the top plastic part but I don't kow where it goes. Any...
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    Transmission fluid (shift kit install)

    Still haven't grown up, have you? :rolleyes: Thanks for the LEGIT responses, guys.
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    Transmission fluid (shift kit install)

    The dipstick says "Mercon V" (for a 4R70W). This sucks, because the cheapest I found it is $2.89/qt at Autozone. Anyhow, how many quarts do I ACTUALLY need? See, I'm not doing a flush, only installing a shift kit, so I'm assuming all of the fluid won't drain out. Do actually need to buy 13...
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    00 Sport Sway Bars

    You can do it yourself. Even if you can't do anything else on your vehicle, you can do this yourself.
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    Runs rough, badly, sometimes horrible

    Check your TPS, too. Mine ran rough until I replaced it. EGR valve failure will also make it run rough but you would have a CEL for that.
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    How to: Body Work 101

    Very nice write up. About your "tupperware", did you just remove that and not paint it? How is that held on? See, I have a Limited that was apparently in an accident at some point before I owned it. The entire driver's side was repainted and they did an absolutely horrible job. The paint...
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    5.0 oil usage?

    I have a similar problem. I'm using about a quart of oil between changes (about 3000-4000 miles; Mobil1). I don't drive an excessive amount of miles, about 200 per week. I'm not leaking, at least not onto the ground (I have a brand new driveway so I'd know pretty quick) but it looks like I...
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    5.0L vs 4.6L HP&Torque

    215hp/288lbft for a 5.0. 239hp/282lbft for a 4.6. The 5.0's torque comes on much lower in the powerband than the 4.6, which is typically the problem with all 4.6's. The 5sp tranny in the 4.6 gives it a slight advantage but that can quickly be overcome in the 5.0's with a shift kit. Even...
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    Rough idle when warm

    Could be spark plugs, plug wires, TPS, IAC, or any of a number of other things. I'd start with plugs first and go from there.
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    What do you think of this Aiwa?

    I have the Pioneer 4600MP. I love it. Only has two preouts but still. Does everything I need a h/u to do and more. Has great EQ adjustments built right in, too.
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    What Brand Plugs and Wires?

    Bosch Platinum plugs and just installed Taylor Spiro-Pro 8mm wires. My X is running better than it ever has now.
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    rough idle in the morning

    IAC and changing the plugs would be a good idea if you haven't changed them in a long time. You can get a new IAC on for about $50.
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    I Give This Site An A+++++++++

    BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And that's all I have to say about that. Oh, and that HONESTY is a virtue.
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    Rear Shock Replacements

    Monroe SensaTracs for me. Have had them for a year and they're still going strong.
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    Front end clunk - NOT ball joints

    Replace the sway bar bushings. You can get Energy Suspension greasable with the grease fittings. I don't know if that's what's causing the noise but since you say they look old and dry, it wouldn't hurt to replace them.
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    Changed plugs and wires, now surging!!!!

    TPS or IAC valve. Also, might seem like a dumb question but, did you gap the plugs properly?
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    Idles high after starting

    Glad to hear it. Not to burst your bubble, but you could've gotten a Motorcraft IAC on fordpartsnetwork for $61.00. But, I know how it is when something's not running right. You want it fixed IMMEDIATELY.
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    Stumble on acceleration

    Spark plugs. I had a stutter on acceleration and changed my plugs to Bosch Platinums and it's gone. It could also be your TPS. I had similar problems until I changed that, as well.