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    Door/Liftgate unlock issues w/alarm

    last bump... bueller?
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    Door/Liftgate unlock issues w/alarm

    bump (anyone?)
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    Door/Liftgate unlock issues w/alarm

    I had a Viper alarm system installed on the ex a few years ago, and as of recently, I have notice there has been issues in the ability to unlock the doors. It first started with the liftgate, where it has slowly progressed into not opening at all using the remote unlock. Now it seems to be...
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    looking for tips on improving fuel mileage

    Look at Aldive's truck, he gets 30+ MPG. Unfortunately you don't have the same engine as him, but many of his ideas/mods are universal. Is your MAF sensor damaged, dirty, or you just looking to get a bigger one? I'd suggest just to clean your MAF before replacing it completely.
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    hey guys

    Good to have you here, there's a lot of what you're looking for already discussed on the site. Remember, the search button is your friend :thumbsup:
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    Sub and Amp, Will these two work together?

    Try to keep that amp as ventilated as possible, even with the gain down overheating will be your biggest problem. Understand that your amp will be "expecting" more resistance when it is bridged where your given sub will not provide it. Also, why not just set it up to run at the 250W RMS? In...
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    '00 seat replacement?

    I'm looking at replacing the front seats on my explorer due to just daily wear and tear. The driver seat especially is becoming uncomfortable because it's so worn out and makes for brutal drives on anything longer than a couple of hours. I have power seats and was wondering a few things...
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    25k UOA results: ’99 SOHC

    How many miles does you truck have now? Awesome results btw, I don't think you could ask for anything better. How long did it take before you got the results back? Looks like they're in Ft Wayne, IN which isn't all that far from where I'm at.
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    Tranny life?

    looks like i spoke too soon, whoops :nono:
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    Tranny life?

    impressive :thumbsup: so far you're winning
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    Tranny life?

    So a question for all... how long has your explorer tranny lasted you with regular maintainence? And I'm talking about just fluid and filter changes... no mods, no rebuilds. I'm especially interested in those of you with the 5R55E, but I'm welcome to anyone. I have 101K on mine and it still...
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    02 EB with Trans issue.

    How many miles is on it?
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    91' engine wanted possibly

    a 91' engine? that's a long engine... :rolleyes: just messin' ;)
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    cheap power?

    get a crotch rocket, find a brick wall, and let'r rip :p: or at least that's what i plan on doing
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    Agreed :thumbsup:
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    Its that time. Im getting some paint.

    If you got quite a bit of time you should do that $50 paint job that's on the net. Supposedly its just 7 coats of rustoleum thinned with mineral spirits rolled on with a fine roller, wet sanded smooth after every 2 coats, then polished. Some guy on the net did it with his charger and the color...
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    AWD explorer as hot rod chassis...

    Gorgeous. Can't wait to see the final product! Although wiring is gonna be tons of fun :rolleyes:
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    Air Conditioning

    Check your PM.
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    Air Conditioning

    Well there could be several reasons, but first things first: do you have sufficient refrigerant in you a/c system?
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    Amazing $50 paint job

    I'm curious if anyone on here has tried that, even if it wasn't on a car. Seems time consuming but worth it if you're on a budget. Might be good to test out on step bars, bumper, etc, especially if they're rusting.
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    aftermarket CD player with premium sound system

    I think you could hook up your aftermarket without loosing your premium sound system, I believe all that refers to is there are small amps after the head unit to the speakers. I think the speakers are of better quality as well. An aftermarket unit typically has more pre-amp power output per...
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    Intake Spacer Failure

    If they broke the EGR tube they should pay for it, sounds like a horses*** shop to me.
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    alternator died on me last night

    by re-manufactured you mean the same thing a 'refurbished' one correct? maybe its just me, but i'm always a little skeptical on refurbished electrical parts and equipment of any kind. 410 is right, hopefully you got a warranty.