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  1. J

    adjusting rear brakes on 93 X??

    I know there are adjusters somewhere on the inside of the drum. Can you drive in reverse and slam on the brakes and that will adjust them? Someone told me to do that. Is that true. thanks fellas
  2. J

    Carbon build-up inside tailpipe

    Thanks, I have a 93 so there should be 2 of them correct? Just one more question, whats that sensor located on the driver side of the intake manifold?
  3. J

    Carbon build-up inside tailpipe

    I used the other method suggest on this website, fuel poured out after removal of the vacuum lines on the octopus. I think it was on the explorer maintenance page. Where is the Exhaust gas oxygen sensor located?
  4. J

    Carbon build-up inside tailpipe

    I replaced the FPR today. Very easy task. See how the mileage goes this week. If not much of an improvement do you think i should replace the O2 sensors?
  5. J

    Carbon build-up inside tailpipe

    Thanks fellas, I will change the FPR and see how that goes. thanks again.
  6. J

    Carbon build-up inside tailpipe

    While I was cleaning my truck I noticed a decent amout of carbon build-up inside the tailpipe. What do you think can be causing this? Truck runs great but my gas mileage is horrible. Truck has 124,x.. and has original FPR and 02 sensors etc... thanks
  7. J

    Squeaking in 4x4

    Well as many of you know we got some pretty good snow today. I engaged 4 wheel drive and then this squeaking started. I have 124,x.. miles on my truck and am still running the original auto hubs. any thoughts?
  8. J

    2003 cobra vs explorer 1/4 mile

    Dont get me wrong, the new cobra is HUGE improvement over the previous ones. Let me rephrase, the 03 cobra is not garbage, it just needs to be refined a little bit more. Most of you would have to agree that it has the aerodynamics of a brick, but the car looks sharp. And they need to reduce...
  9. J

    2003 cobra vs explorer 1/4 mile

    Strange isnt it, but the fact is that they built another mustang that wasnt up to par. Too much HP for such a little motor.
  10. J

    2003 cobra vs explorer 1/4 mile

    The new cobra's are garbage and Ford knows it. In fact they are stopping production of all cobras this year. Here is the article.
  11. J

    Quick Question- Are the tan mouldings....

    Are the Tan mouldings (valance, bumper strip) on 91 eddie bauer the same color as on the 93 eddie bauer? I heard they changed the shade of tan on the 93. Is this true and if so is the color change noticable. I just want to make sure the colors match. thanks
  12. J

    Exhaust Smell. How do I know CATs are bad?

    I have 127k on my exploder and I still have to original cats, 02 sensors, FPR....well you get the point. They probably need to get replaced, but I dont care enough about the truck to get them replaced...oh well. later
  13. J

    FS: CyberDrive 36x12x48 CD-ReWriter (internal)

    Its brand new, i paid 95 for everything..hmmmmm so how about 60 shipped? I am leaving for a trip tonight so I will be out of town for a few days. Later fellas.
  14. J

    FS: CyberDrive 36x12x48 CD-ReWriter (internal)

    nope, its still available
  15. J

    FS: CyberDrive 36x12x48 CD-ReWriter (internal)

    FS: CyberDrive 36x12x48 CD-ReWriter w/ ExacLink (internal) CyberDrive 36x12x48 CD-ReWriter w/ ExacLink (internal) PM for info
  16. J

    Will this bumper fit my truck?

    Whats up fellas. I was wondering if this bumper would fit my truck, it says 89-92 ranger/explorer. I would ask the guy who is selling it, but I trust you guys much more. thanks Dead Link Removed
  17. J

    TROLL @ the track 3/13

    Oh no you just didnt go there :) What does your mustang run?? Hmm it might be time to get my fellow 9 second vette's over here ;) How about an MTI Vette Dead Link Removed
  18. J

    TROLL @ the track 3/13

    be afraid. be very afraid: ;) Dead Link Removed
  19. J

    clearance issues with 20's?

    You should have no problem at all.
  20. J

    check this out

    They should have just left it all black. Then it would look awesome. I really like the rims they put on it though.
  21. J

    ||| Ford Sucks? |||

    I wouldnt say they suck, but I will never buy ford again. I will be getting ride of my X this summer and I will be happy when its gone. later
  22. J

    A List for Santa

    Charisma Carpenter in my room wearing a thong and a victoria secret bra Dead Link Removed
  23. J

    Eaton Supercharger

    :confused: :confused: :eek: :eek:
  24. J

    Help with codes!!!!!!!

    I just sent my question in. A 1993 explorer w/ 113,x.. miles on it. I was hoping you could maybe point me in the right direction. I hooked up a code reader to the truck, but funny thing is, it had no codes. I am getting about 10miles per gallon sometimes less, driving at 55mph. I was thinking...