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  1. rich uk

    Hi fellow UK Explorer fans!

    very very nice ... sitting nice no saggy bum ( :
  2. rich uk

    Tyre sizes

    Hey , Yer looked at them grabbers many times have a similar tread pattern now ( AT2 ) not bad in any way , just fancy the MT this time and Kev (: looked at the coopers .. they look cool worried the 75 tyre height's going to rub on full lock there aint a lot of room on full lock to the...
  3. rich uk

    Tyre sizes

    Hi all ex driver s ( : back needing tyre's , others cracked ... dug up thread for info ( : looks like ill be getting King Pin again they have been great .. 265/75/16 MT this time I drive slow these days so not worried about motorways ect , had some mud to deal with recently , was...
  4. rich uk

    Starter motor rebuild parts

    Gent's long time since I made a contribution , Ex has been as good as gold for ages ( : just did a rebuild on my starter motor as it was getting unreliable the parts are available on ebay and is an easy job once off the car I did dismantle the S Solenoid and fixed for free, by...
  5. rich uk

    Air bag light (code 37) mot failure?

    ok I reset code 52 got an Autel EU702 code reader off ebay downloaded the ford file from very easy once you have the file installed can do transmission , airbag and engine codes havent had time to havae a...
  6. rich uk

    Air bag light (code 37) mot failure?

    Hi chaps any one find a cheap OBD2 reset tool for this . I have just failed MOT also blown fuse , and code 12 changed fuse now code 52 needs reset, have tried the key cycling stuff .. no joy ideas please
  7. rich uk

    Checkin in!

    still running also , seasons greetings chaps will try find time to visit the forum more
  8. rich uk


    long time ....but found more info ( : if you have same LPG kit I have brisk lpg plugs in now , much improved
  9. rich uk

    Ford Fair Sliverstone 12th August

    Guys I am not going to make it with the Explorer.. was hoping to Mot tax and insure , but that's not going to happen in time I have family commitments and have to sort those first , means there is a pass if someone wants it arghh want to go .... so will try and arrive by...
  10. rich uk

    Ford Fair Sliverstone 12th August

    Me to Thanks
  11. rich uk

    Ford Fair Sliverstone 12th August

    chalk me in thanks for doing the tickets again (: hope we have a few going !
  12. rich uk

    Front Wheel Bearings - failed after 5000 miles

    brought a couple part's from them .. Have a unbranded white boxed hub on mine 2 years no problems and an upper control arm from them 1 yr all good later my guess is you have another issue that caused this wear , is your tracking ok ?
  13. rich uk

    done 150,000m

    it had 125000 when i got it.:thumbsup: knackered chains and gearboc snd death rear tyres lol
  14. rich uk

    done 150,000m

    Cheers Jan ! Lpg is not perfect but ok, I need to do a laptop lpg tune up so flat around 2000 revs but no faults codes now ,ticks over a little low I need to throw some cash at the project .. ie K&N air filter , and new LPG Iridium plugs , and exhaust ..I think it's...
  15. rich uk

    done 150,000m

    milestone for the old girl today 150,000 miles still going strong...:salute: :D
  16. rich uk

    2 piece ball joint

    fitted a R/H 1 piece instead of a 2 .. easier to do the 2 piece ,though I had no handling or tyre issues with it ..just put it on... I had to fit it quick for the mot ,other one was a fail point .. they sent the 1 part instead of the two ... no big deal to fit , apart from the L/H bolt...
  17. rich uk


    long time but update ...:thumbsup: re wired it , had issues with injector error on cylinder # 5 and not idling for LPG Landi Renzo omegas lsi multi plug loom 1 cyl # car ecu > gas ecu > car inj 1 - tan > blk / blue > dark blue 2 - white > red > red / blk 3 -...
  18. rich uk

    LPG Failure

    Hi Jon I have a couple of ideas bud.. I would solder all the crimped connections for starters (above 1) and everywhere you can see em .. check where the switch / gauge comes through from the engine that the cable hasn't cut / broken stretched have u checked the tank connections, exposed...
  19. rich uk

    keyless entry remote

    try the fob around fuel filler and the l/h corner of the boot where the alarm reciever is if u can get in take off the jack cover ect press it all around that area might get u going again temporarily good luck
  20. rich uk

    start up rattle ..

    thanks guys will update
  21. rich uk

    start up rattle ..

    getting a nasty rattle now on 1st start up... especially if i haven't run her for a while if i turn it over a few times first without starting then start it... quiet .. thoughts pls.... is the pencil thingy what I need or a new tensioner .. new front and rear chains 3 yrs...
  22. rich uk

    New Owner

    there's an 8mm bolt next to the throttle butterfly /cable you can adjust the idle up a little there good luck and regards (:
  23. rich uk

    Which spark plugs?

    plugs plugs from the states cheaper ...
  24. rich uk

    Indicator stalk repair.

    thanks kev ..encouraged me to have a go .. (:
  25. rich uk

    Indicator stalk repair.

    Good one Kev mine has a dodgy window washer ..what do u recon................ fixable ???