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  1. AireNiix

    2002+ Offroading Photos Wanted

    My family and I made a run today. Tahuya ORV in the PNW. Bone Stock on Street tires. ;) Lucky for me, someone came by with a Jeep and winched me off of the stump that I so gracefully lodged myself upon.
  2. AireNiix

    Tim's '93 Sport

    A sawzall with a metal blade. Straight through the fenders. That'll fix your sentimentality! Although who am I to say anything? I haven't modified anything on my Ex yet :D (Subbed;)) Edit: By the way, I dig your build. It's got a certain look to it.
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  11. AireNiix

    So Calif members who performed Cam synch install

    I just replaced the top part of mine. No adjustments necessary. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that the mechanical part would fail NEARLY as fast as the plastic plug with wires coming out of it. If you have the upper intake off you can get a small screwdriver back there and unscrew the...
  12. AireNiix

    92 EB Ex build.

    Can I get a part number for the leveling springs?
  13. AireNiix

    New 1st Gen, New member.

    Okay, well, it might as well be new. I picked up a ‘94 Explorer Limited with 116k on it. Yes, you read that correctly It’s got a new 3.73 rear locking diff and brand new Toyo A/Ts. So far the only things that don’t work are the rear wiper and the fog lights. My name’s Aaron, I’ve worked in...
  14. AireNiix

    Things that help fuel economy and performance.

    Clean the MAF. Got it. I’ll actually do that right now.
  15. AireNiix

    Things that help fuel economy and performance.

    I have yet to do plugs and wires. Filter was done When I got it Which was about a month ago. Moneys been tight so I neglect certain car repairs when that happens. To a fault. Although the plugs and wires would help; is there a sensor for controlling the fuel while it’s warming up? I don’t think...
  16. AireNiix

    Things that help fuel economy and performance.

    You’ll have to forgive me for the partial thread-jack, but 15 in the mountains? Is that up and then down average? My X is getting about 10 right now. Seems to be the same if I waste a tank in town or use the hole thing traveling toward the coast. I think it’s in serious need of a tune up. It...