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  1. Lost216

    Shackles dont work!!

    I have 31.5 inch tires and they only rub a little on the radius arms, so 31's will definalty fit yours now.
  2. Lost216

    Shackles dont work!!

    you do know you cna fit 31's without any lift, right?
  3. Lost216

    What is custom on your truck? that's my list
  4. Lost216

    Regearing the diffs...

    How much should one expect to pay to have both axles re-geared? Just want to make sure i'm not getting ripped off
  5. Lost216

    Need your opinion on wheel choice

    i'd say #1 personally
  6. Lost216

    Regearing the diffs...

    i think you can have it off by .03 if you absoluly have to, but I'd recommend against it personally. If money is tight you can re-gear the back and use it as 2WD until you get the front, but you better disconnect that switch or something.
  7. Lost216

    hub swap question

    thanks, thats what I needed to hear. I didn't know if the hub was the part that slid off or what. That just made my day to hear.
  8. Lost216

    hub swap question

    but is it the thing that just slides off the wheel studs? that's my question
  9. Lost216

    hub swap question

    on my 1991 4X4 XLT auto, the front driver hub is completly stripped. I have a 1993 sport 5spd 4X4. the 1991 has 3.55 gears, and the 93 has 3.27 gears. I don't know what part is actually striped, as I dont know anything about them really. My question is the part that comes right off when you...
  10. Lost216

    Good Morning All

    Welcome to the site, you'll find plenty to lurk through here. You'd be suprised at how many times you'll find a place to contribute, though. Even if it's just your $.02
  11. Lost216

    Full Foot Notch, Version 3, Rockwells and more

    when i read that I knew you had to live near me.....
  12. Lost216

    What did your system cost?

    180 for HU 90 for door speakers (F) 200ish for subs i traded for the kicker 80 for 6X9's in the hatch 100 for sub amp 50 for 6X9 amp so about 7-8 hundred...... Installed all of it myself, and it works fine. If you have confidence, go for it. If you get in over your head you can...
  13. Lost216

    mustang wheels on a early explorer

    i would have to agree, any machine shop should be able to do it for a reasonalble price.
  14. Lost216

    Worst stuck pic thread

    couldnt tell, thx
  15. Lost216

    Worst stuck pic thread

    The light bar on top doesn't make me feel to(o?) good about who's racing to save mr. fluffles when he gets stuck in the tree.
  16. Lost216

    mustang wheels on a early explorer

    all that dirt getting in is bound to do something...
  17. Lost216

    What was your favorite mod?

    What single modification was your favorite? you can factor anything you like into this, cost, originality, how easy it was to do, but most importantly what it did for your ride. This isn't a best first mod post. It could be the last thing you did. It can be anything as well, something simple...
  18. Lost216

    Where to buy¿

    I've always only used one sub, but it looks like that should do nicely. You're obviously going for something much cleaner than my current setup.
  19. Lost216

    Where to buy¿

    ported boxes will sound much louder, but the SQ will suffer. good for slow subs like 15"s Sealed boxes are for crisp, punchy bass, but not as loud. better for faster, smaller subs. If you listen to rap, go for ported. If you listen to rock, go for sealed.
  20. Lost216

    Should I build it for offroading or not???

    if it's in better shape, make it the wheeler. the other one can be a pavement pounder, since that is much easier on a vehicle.
  21. Lost216

    Exhaust preference

    has anyone tried dynomax? found a good price on the cat-back system, anyone tried them yet?
  22. Lost216

    Homemade shackles

    it's a good idea, but it's not neccesary(sp?)
  23. Lost216

    Wheel Spacer + Lift

    thats what i was asking, if they would help keep it lower without any rubbing
  24. Lost216

    Homemade shackles

    thx, that sounds good