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    2013 Truck Haven MLK Weekend Explorer Ranger run Jan 19-20

    Brian, my friend up north is on his second set of those on his cherokee and lives them. They do amazing through the rubicon, snow, mud, anything!!
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    The SoCal RBV's Club Various Upcoming Meet and Greets

    I'm in Walnut which is right over the hill from Anaheim and haven't been out with anyone on here in a while. Ill have some more time once summer rolls around.
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    Shocks with 2 reservoirs??? Seen these???

    Exactly what I was thinking... I would never buy them. That's why I have some bilstein 7100's getting put on in the next week. I first thought they could maybe be some sort of internal bypass but they look too small. Just for looks
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    Shocks with 2 reservoirs??? Seen these???

    I saw these on a ranger at school a week or so ago and just got around to getting a picture of them. They are only on the front on stock suspension. I have never seen anything like these before...seems kind of pointless to have 2 reservoirs on one shock. Ever seen these/ know who made them...
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    Carlovers Desert Beater Build

    half naked FTW :p::D
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    Solved Lifts and Max tire sizes

    Your wheel size will not affect your gear ratio, only the overall diameter of the tire. But since you're not increasing by very much you don't have to worry about your ratio.
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    The SoCal RBV's Club Various Upcoming Meet and Greets

    I start school back around September 20'th. Hopefully be moving into the house in Diamond Bar beginning of September. :thumbsup:
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    California Explorer Spottings

    No I was in a friends stock green first gen.
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    The SoCal RBV's Club Various Upcoming Meet and Greets

    Count me in for a get together when I get back to So Cal in the fall :thumbsup:
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    Sport-Trac Prerunner

    it is from baja california...:rolleyes:
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    Sport-Trac Prerunner
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    Well I've got 32's and a L/S :cool: LOL I might be up to join in. I gotta get away from school
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    Project Resurrection.

    33s on dana 60s?? I hope you plan on going to at least 38"... :p:
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    Stuck 4:43am 88 Acres

    X2!!! :p:
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    98 XLT Dana 44 on Leafs

    Do you have any side pictures on flat ground to show how far the axle moved forward?
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    98 XLT Dana 44 on Leafs

    GREAT idea on the front suspension. seems so simple...makes me want to do mine... :cool:
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    Went wheelin today :)

    hes got an 8.8!! did he plan on going straight down into that creek or what? I like the stance of your X for the later generations. looks like fun :thumbsup:
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    California Explorer Spottings

    cool story rick! good you could help him out. :thumbsup:
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    What trucks have manual BW-1354??

    I don't remember years exactly but they for sure came in all of the "FX4" Rangers. They are an older model of them and everything was manual in them.
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    Project Resurrection.

    Nice score!!! :smoke:
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    Project Resurrection.

    subscribing :smoke: I got suspicious when I saw your wanted ad over on pirate.... Do it like one of the jimmy's 4x4 buggys but keep the frame and use the hood and explorer grill
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    phone booth is back?

    so it just got pushed down the hill??? wtf?
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    California Explorer Spottings

    I saw R.J. about a week and a half ago at the In N Out here in Walnut. :p:
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    Chop, Cut, Rebuild: DB_1's Ranger...again

    can't wait to see it running again :thumbsup:
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    Group Spare truck?

    Keeper has his wrecked sport he says? :dunno: :hammer: