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    paint code question

    Nevermind, I just found it, that was the interior code that I was looking at. The correct code is SH, medium willow metallic!
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    paint code question

    Hi, I have a dark green metallic 97 explorer and I was going to get a can of paint mixed to have as touch up paint. The paint code on my door jam is RC, but RC is the code for a gray color. The VIN on the sticker and my explorer match up, so it is the original door. #1, does anybody have...
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    codes 0455, 0133 and 0141

    Hi, just bought a 97 explorer 5.0 with 138,000 miles. I have these 3 codes at the moment. I have a feeling that all three of these might be attributed to the fact that there is a large leak in the exhaust right before the muffler and two smaller holes in the first cat. converter. I'm going to...
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    relay ticking under hood

    I let the truck sit for about an hour, went back to the garage and it was fine. I did clean the engine a little bit and maybe something got wet. At least that is what I'm blaming for now!
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    relay ticking under hood

    Hi, I just brought home a new (to me) 97 explorer 5.0. I got an awesome deal on it and i was checking things out tonight in the garage and I noticed a constant ticking coming from the block of relays on the driver's side fender. there is a "tick" about every 3-5 seconds and doesn't go away with...
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    new guy

    Hi everyone. I will be buying a 99 explorer with the 5.0 engine/AWD Wednesday. i was looking for a 4 door 4x4 to have as a third vehicle and I found one fairly cheap locally with 138,000 miles. Very well taken care of and looks to be a great vehicle. is there anything I should look out for...