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    Mods finished

    Pretty slick job! I'd be having my 2013 Base this week and I know what to do immediately :)
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    Ford Remote Start Accessory

    Will the integration of climate control during remote starting work on a base model? And does the base model come with a hood switch? Thanks.
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    Painted Grille

    Great work on blacking out the grill. I'd also keep the logo on its true color :)
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    2013 Explorer XLT or Limited

    I usually go to for the build and price thingy coz im here in Alberta, Canada :) I'm just looking for a ruby red 2013 Limited 4WD with no options coz i'm contented with the its included features. I'd be happy to know which dealer near me has one, so i can have mine the soonest!
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    2013 Explorer XLT or Limited

    Now I understand! :) Maybe that's why the first time we went to ford and asked for a quotation of an XLT model, she just printed it with options I never remember asking to include (which definitely jacked-up the price). It turns out that particular Explorer is what they have in stock. 8...
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    2013 Explorer XLT or Limited

    Thank you for the warm welcome :) Me and my wife too love gadgets that's why i'm leaning more on the Ltd. I might choose the ruby red color as i'm addicted to red. Second color choice is white platinum but wifey doesn't like the idea of blending in with the snow when winter comes. Ginger...
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    2013 Explorer XLT or Limited

    Hi! I'm new here. Been lurking in this forum for weeks now since we've decided to buy an explorer. Now, the thing is the XLT and Limited only differs by $50/mo in the amortization so i'm kinda leaning on getting a Limited model. I will update this thread with as our plan progresses. Last...