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    5R55E Slipping.

    Thank you JK. With more time yesterday evening I looked at more threads and saw the sprag mentioned. I'm a Manual transmission person so this is all new to me.
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    5R55E Slipping.

    1998 4.0 pushrod with 5R55E Trans. 300k miles. Drives with manual selection in 1 and 2. No positive drive in D or R. Selecting D or R causes a 'takeup' clunk but then after an initial very slow movement there's no drive. Using 1 + 2 to get up to speed and selecting D will allow Overdrive to...
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    5R55 faults after very late filter/fluid change 1998 300k

    Brief History: Very poor maintenance history. Hesitation in changes and slow to engage reverse when cold. Young driver for past 10 months. Car was given free hopefully for my son to get comfortable driving in. I dropped the trans fluid and replaced the filter. No leaks from pan. Total 6...
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    Speaker wire colors change from H/U to speakers.

    I'm trying to replace my HU for another stock ford one that's newer with the cd player working. All connects up fine on power etc. Can run speakers connected directly to the HU but when i run the outputs into the paired speaker wires i get no output at the speakers. All speakers work with...
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    Posting after Lurking for ages.

    I've been lurking gleaning knowledge for ages. Finally go to the point i have to ask my own question rather than follow previous replies. Thanks to all who share their knowledge, sometimes you help more people than the one asking the question.
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    Drive only in 4WD Low. Grinding from T/Case

    We've just been gifted a 1998 XLT (Auto with the 4.0 6 Cyl engine) for sons first car. Picking it up there was much consternation that the vehicle wouldn't drive. Eventually managed to get the vehicle to engage 4wd Low (according to the dash light) and enabled driving it home (definitely 4WD but...