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    Question about changing ST sound system

    you can use a shallow mount sub, i have one 12 behind my seat
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    Question about changing ST sound system

    i have replaced the deck, the speakers, and added an amp and sub there would be no issues with warranty the dealer would have to prove that the 3rd party equipment is what caused the problem
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    New Cowl Hood!

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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    my car in the snow Grabber AT2's
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    strange thing happened to me today

    something very strange happened to me when i got home form work I always back into my driveway when i shifted to reverse it jumped back and i heard what i would describe a a small moan. I then deiced to go forward and back a few times to see if it was just a one time thing. it was not...
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    looking sharp there wanna, what tries are those?
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    Offical: Post your ST pics

    you have the exact same color as mine J ;)
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    running boards

    i dont think so i believe gen 1 tracs were up until 2005 gent 2 was 06 and up i think most parts from a gen 2 explorer may fit since its roughly the same car
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    New member with a bull bar question.

    i have seen ones on ebay that work for gen 2 tracs
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    Mirror replacement passenger side

    yes you have to take the door panel off then that gives you access to where the mirror was mounted am sure someone around here has posted info for the door pannel removal
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    have been keeping an eye out for those as well, so far have not seen anything
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    I would get the battery tested first then i would check to make sure the terminals for the battery are clean as well i had similar issues with an older car where randomly it wouldn't start and i would have to jump start it it turned out that one of the battery connections was very loose
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    1st pics of my sport trac

    looking good, i also like "the shocker" hehe
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    Oil change warning??

    usually it complains when you have less then 10% oil life kinda like a friendly reminder that you will need one soon eventually it changes to oil change required when you need to change it
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    Flowmaster muffler

    i think its 2.25 or 2.50 in know for the v6 its 2"
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    Need help with tire sizes

    check out they have a place that will tell you if there will be rub
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    What do you have in your Explorer?

    head unit : Kenwood Excelon KDC-X794 front and rear speakers: Pioneer TS-A6872R 6 x 8" 3-way Speaker Amp: Hifonics HFi55.4 sub mounted behind seat: Pioneer Shallow-Mount TS-SW301
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    Smoked Tail Light Tint

    one coat of night shade and 2 coats of clear coat i used the automotive clear coat that you can get at autozone didn't want to go too dark since state inspection can sometimes be a ***** about those things
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    Lets see your 2nd gen aftermarket tails

    i have an 08 have not seen anything for those yet
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    Lets see your 2nd gen aftermarket tails

    too bad theres nothing for the 2nd gen tracs yet :(
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    Pics of Sub Boxes

    fits a 12" shallow mount sub behind the rear passenger side seat
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    4.0 Exhaust Clip Thread !

    after running the cherry bomb vortex for a year i am switching to a flowmaster super 44 the chery bomb was just too quiet and some times would sound like a ricer mobile when i was driving
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    Exhaust for V6

    you can i had muffler shop leave the 2' pipe coming in to muffler then i put a 2.5 muffler and tail pipe
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    UHaul Trailer Rental Not Possible

    would do the same thing pick it up with my wifes f150 and bring it back with my trac