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    Your Favorite Song to Bump?

    At the risk of sounding a little Different: The 1812 Oveture. Excellent music and a mix of gret highs (flute solo) and Cannons=Bass Thoughts of the 20 year old college student.
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    Adding Cargo Compartment Power Lock

    Hey Guys, I've noticed in some of the newer X's that they have a switch to lock and unlock the doors from the rear, but unforntually ford didn't think about that for my good ole 93. Anythoughts on how to do this? --Neuman
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    Galls Streetlighting strobes...question

    Bmxboy - did you put the strobe bulbs in with the head light reflector? If so, how do they work with the headlights on? Is the white strobe visible?
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    Time for a new HU, need advice.

    Any other thoughts guys?
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    Time for a new HU, need advice.

    Hey ya'll, last night someone broke into the splorer and took my Alpine HU, I really liked b/c it sounded great and looked nice, nothin but a green lights and simple black buttons. I'm looking for a replacement, Insurance is giving me $300 to replace it. Any recomendations for something that...
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    overhead console transplant with a factory pop up sunroof

    Thanks guys, i think i'm going to hold out for a console with the garage door opener, it would be more usefull to me anyway. Two more quesitons though, where do i hook up the wire to the dimmer? Could i just piggyback it off of the light in the ashtray? 2) how can i test the unit before i leave...
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    overhead console transplant with a factory pop up sunroof

    ok, this could be a rather stupid question. I ran a search and couldn't find anything definitive. Can i put in an overhead console in my 93 XLT even if it has a pop up sunroof?
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    door light socket!!!!????

    take the door panel off, just unscrew the screws and pry off the panel, it's in your hayes best of luck
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    Switch on '93

    I wired mine on the piece of plastic unerneath the switches for the rear wipers and defogger. I ran the wired trough a hole i drilled in a black plate that was directly underneath the steering column. I had to use a hack saw to cut away some of the plastic that was behind the panel. Best of luck
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    4.0L OHV noise

    i don't know the cause, but my 93 OHV does the same thing, only at idle and hard accelation. After changing plugs and wires (Bosch +$ and Accle wires) the noise is gone during accelaration, but is still present. Louder in the summer and when the engine is warm. Any ideas? PS: how do you guy...
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    Tire Rotation Question

    thanx thanks. The owner's manual met it's untimely demise in a mod boging accident.
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    Tire Rotation Question

    I got a new set of Goodyear Wrengler Radials (P235 only) and my guy at the tire place told me it's vital that these tires get rotated every 5K, religiously. My question is: which is the best pattern of rotation for the tires? (not-inlcuding the spare) thanks
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    for more info run a search on mileage or MPg, and you'll get pages of info. First thing to check (and cheapest): new air filter, clean MAF / intake, plugs and wires?? Also, check and adjust tire pressures. hope it helps.
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    MAS and MAF

    Thanks Thanks Guys
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    92 XLT, what needs to be done?

    Here you go: One: Dump your girlfriend, save the money you were wasting on her and buy some parts. Two: Eat cheap, order water and unlimite breadsticks Three: hate to say it, but keep the mile off your truck, the gas adds up (unless your parents are footing the bill) Four: Study...
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    MAS and MAF

    Hey guys, For which, I've been reading posts with MAF and MAs used almost interchagneably, what's the difference between the two? Function? Location? Claening.replacement procedures. Thanks ya'll
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    Why drill my airbox?

    I've been doing some reading and I think it's about time to try a few mod on my stock 1993. Question is: What, if any is the down side to drilling the air box? decrease filter life? what about climate ( Atlanta is usually 95 at 80-90% humitiy in the summer). What kind of performance imporvement...
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    Fuel Gauge Light

    sorry Splorers didn't come with idoit lights until 95'. Just watch your fuel gauge and use the trip odometer. I don't know of any prebab add on for an idoit light, but with a little work, you could easily wire up a red LED or something form your tank to your dash. later
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    Spark plugs

    Questions It's about time for me start loking at changing the plugs and wires in my 93xlt. I bought it about a year ago and I think the ones in it are still stock. Anyway, my question is what are these spacinf measuremant's ya'll are talking about (.0065-.0070) what do they do? why are they...
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    what's the best sound deadener?

    dynomat When I installed all my new audio components, I added about 10 sq feet of dynomat, it worked great, It might be expensive, but it's well worth it if you want a quiet ride. or, you alos might swich out your waetherstiping on your doors, it could have worn out causeing more noise in the...
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    FREE set of PIAA 9004 Superwhite headlights! AND THE WINNER IS....

    I want in Rob Neuman
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    Speaker Grilles

    You have to pop off the door panels for the front and the rear panels to access the speakers. For the fronts,remove the window/door lockpanel by prying it up with a screw driver then remove the large panel with a phillips. Then remove the two screws underneath the door handle. Pry out the blakc...
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    Stock Squeakin and creakin

    Which set of bushings? the one;s on the shocks or somewhere else?
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    Stock Squeakin and creakin

    My stock 1993 4x4 suspesension has just statred to speak, creak, groan and all manner of bad noises. I took a look underneath and nothing seems to be wrong, but the noise is drving me crazy. Is there anyting down there that needs to be lubed? Which parts and what type of grease? Could my...
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    Cruise control not working

    Mine did the same thing, I had the mechanics check it out (free estimates are great)they told me it was a problem with the body computer, the one under the right frint kickpanel, anyway, I took it out and, dnot' laugh, tapped it pretty hard with a hammer, It did the trick. The c.c. worked again...