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    ABS C1095 and C1230 error codes.

    Thank you for the link to Amazon. That is where I bought it from. Yesterday I performed some basic checking of the system and I found that the milti-pin connector on the ABS unit was not locked in properly due to the sealant inside the ABS connector not in place. I fixed that. Then I checked all...
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    ABS C1095 and C1230 error codes.

    Hi, I bought Actron CP9449 scanner. Anybody with some solid answers, please? Thank you. Milan
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    ABS C1095 and C1230 error codes.

    Hello, I have ABS light on all the time. I bought the code reader and error codes are C1230 and C1095. I replaced rear axle sensor the code C1230 still on. I read all kinds of advices on this forum or other once but found no answer on how to fix it. Since the rear sensor is brand new the...