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    Ford ESP warranty

    I had a 2011 Explorer XLT that I bought used back in 2014 with 27,000 miles on it. When it was about to hit the factory warranty deadline I purchased a Ford ESP from Anderson Koch Ford in MN. Glad I did because that Explorer had tons of problems. I traded it in 2017 to lease a Nissan Rogue which...
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    Engine shut off while AC running

    I have a 2011 Explorer XLT and have had numerous problems with this vehicle. Recently a couple weeks ago I just had the throttle body replaced since my engine was stalling when coming to a stop. It is starting to occur again and now when I use the AC and I am idle it will shut the engine off. I...
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    2016 Explorer Throttle Body Problems

    Ok so it is doing it again after the throttle body was replaced but this time when starting it turns over but won't actually start up for a few seconds. It also turns over with a very fast clicking as if maybe the starter work too hard. I also had a yellow wrench come up on the dash. This is by...
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    Engine stall while stopping

    Just an update I am having the throttle body replaced under the dealerships recommendation since they have since a lot of this lately in different Ford vehicles.
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    2016 Explorer Throttle Body Problems

    Just to let you know I have a 2011 Explorer XLT and for the past week I have been randomly stalling when I come to a stop. I spoke to someone where I work who had the same problem on their 2012 Fusion. He had the throttle body replaced and my Explorer is in local dealership today getting the...
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    Engine stall while stopping

    I will do that thanks
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    Engine stall while stopping

    Today I did see the check engine light
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    Engine stall while stopping

    Someone I work with said it happened to their Fusion and he had to get the throttle body replaced
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    Engine stall while stopping

    It happened this morning and started right up but the other day it took about 5 seconds to start. It would turn over and could hear the engine cranking.
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    Engine stall while stopping

    I have a 2011 Explorer XLT and the past few days when I come to a stop my engine stalls and I have to start it up again. This is happening randomly and I would say has happened about 5 times in the past 3 days. Whe it does stall my oil pressure low warning comes up. Any answer to this?
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    Squealing Noise When Wet, Belt?

    Ok this happening to me again and from a previous post I wrote, I had the tensioner and belt replaced in Feb 2016. It rained fairly heavy here in Delaware the other day and it started acting up. Belt squealing, wipers getting sluggish and lights dimming. The previous time my whole electrical...
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    Water Leak

    So I thought I would post my moonroof issues with my 2011 Explorer XLT. Recently during and right after raining, I've been having water come through my map light/moonroof control area. Now recently the moonroof will not work at all but I have my Ex currently at the Ford dealership. They just...
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    2014 Explorer Lease

    Had a question actually about my 2013 Edge. My lease ends 9/17 and we are going to buy it out using my credit union for the loan. The dealership first told me there is no need for an inspection since I am not using ford credit. Now today they told me they will need to do a brake and frame...
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    3rd Row Dome / Cargo Light Stays On

    Has anyone had any luck with this? I thought about taking the bulb out all together
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    Aftermarket wheels

    Does anyone know if the lack 2016 Flex 20 inch black wheels will fit a 2011 XLT? Here is a link to the wheel on Ford's site: [
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    2011 Limited Wheels

    If you go to my website,, I have a pic of my 2011 XLT on the front page with the 20 inch wheel option. May be willing to sell them if I can find some black rims
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    Squealing Noise When Wet, Belt?

    When Garnet Ford in PA replaced my tensioner they suggested replacing the belt since they felt it may be worn due to the problem. At the time I had 60,000 on it. Don't know why this happening all of sudden again.
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    Explorer A-Pillar Rattle/Noise

    Happened to me about 3 months ago on my passenger side trim while driving on I-95 in Delaware and luckily no one was behind when it flew off. Went to Ford dealership to see if they could cover it on my Premium ESP (even though trim is not covered) but thought I try. Told me the part costs $150...
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    Power Steering Loss 2015 - 2016 Explorers Only

    This happened on my 2011 twice. Here is a link to the recall on my Explorer: 2011 FORD EXPLORER | Safercar | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
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    rear wheel air deflictor

    There are 2 screws that go into the wheel well and then 2 push type prongs that go up into the body of the frame area. I have pushed them back in several times but after some time they come back out. Maybe the prongs are busted? I have to take them off to see. Let me know if anyone finds a fix...
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    rear wheel air deflictor

    Rear wheel trim There is a piece of trim in front of each rear wheel that keeps coming loose. Is it some type of spoiler or air dam? Does anyone know what this is and if it is needed? I have to keep popping it back in because it rattles as I am driving. I included a pic.
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    Squealing Noise When Wet, Belt?

    Again!!! As you can see from my post back on 2/2/16 on this thread I had the tensioner and belt replaced and seemed to work....until this past Saturday. It was raining fairly heavy and can't believe I am having this problem again. Any other ideas of what can be the proper fix. Anyone?
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    Squealing Noise When Wet, Belt?

    I was finally able to get my Explorer in while it was raining and have a tech take it for a spin. They were able to hear the squeal and see the diminishing power as it was happening. After looking at things they think it was the tensioner causing the belt to slip. So they put a new tensioner on...
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    Squealing Noise When Wet, Belt?

    Yes this is what is happening to mine with the slowing down of wipers, dimming of headlights, etc. I spoke to a local mechinac yesterday and he asked me, "do you feel a loss of power and loss of power steering" He when on to mention that more then likely is the tensioner and since it is not...