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    Dies on cold start-up??

    I have a 98 SOHC that dies a couple times each morning during start-up. It just started doing it since the temps started falling. Summertime it is ok. I'm guessing it might be IAC valve but wanted to get any other input. I cleaned the IAC about a year ago when I replaced my lower intake o-rings.
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    Stuck blender door?

    I noticed on this site that many owners had to manually adjust their blender door by going in through the box behind the glove compartment. I might have the same problem but am not 100% sure. My truck heats good but if I try to turn the heat down by using the manual temp. knob, it stays blows...
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    Changed fluid now tranny slipping

    I recently purchased the truck so I don't know the last time it was changed. I used AAmmco syntheic with is Mercon V. I'll check the filter and orings once it warms up.
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    ONP / Recall for 4.0L SOHC intake leak

    doesn'y have to be original owner and it is free
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    ONP / Recall for 4.0L SOHC intake leak

    I had the rough cold idle and I did not get any codes either. I replaced the M0012 recall kit in my truck and took care of the problem. You might not get a code for some problems. I had a very erratic idle 500 - 2000 rpm and no codes.
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    Rough cold start

    You did the M0012 recall? If this didn't take care of the problem, maybe you have a defective IAC valve. Lot's of write-ups on this issue also. What exactly does your truck do when you start it cold? Mine reved up to 2k then down to 500 rpm. Back and forth for couple minutes. Sometimes it would...
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    Changed fluid now tranny slipping

    I changed my trans. fluid last week and now when truck is cold, it slips. I didn't do a completed flush, just the standard 4 qts. I have the 5 speed auto. I also changed the filter. I used synthetic. Fluid level is right where it is suppose to be. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Part #s for 00M12 recall/ONB Skibender??

    I don't have the part numbers handy but I remember seeing them posted somewhere on this site. I went to Ford and told them I needed the M0012 kit and they figured it out from there. Sorry I can't help out more.
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    SOHC Starting Idling Rough Questions

    I had the same problem on my 98 SOHC. Bought the 00M12 kit from Ford for $48 and spent 6 hrs. doing the job. Runs like a champ now. There's an excellent write-up on this site step by step on how to do it.
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    Another MAF and IAC Question- I need help

    I should've added that I do not get a CEL if the MAF is plugged in. The 1st time I had the CEL for lean condition was when the MAF was unplugged so I figured that is what caused me to get that code. Do you still think it's the o2 sensors?
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    Another MAF and IAC Question- I need help

    98 SOHC 4x4 115K miles Just purchased. I have the typical erratic cold idle. No CEL's. Checked volts and ohms on IAC-everything good. Cleaned twice. No help. Then decided (by this forum) it could be the o-rings in the lower intake. Called Ford and this fix (M0012) wasn't done on my vehicle...
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    Disconnect battery???

    I am having the rough cold idle and I checked out my IAC and everything checks good. I removed it and gave it a good cleaning and put it back on to same problem. Now, I'm assuming it is probably the lower intake o-rings. My questions is: do I need to disconnect the battery so the PCM can relearn...