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  1. J

    How many miles has your Timing Chain Rattled

    in 99 there's 2 different v 6 4l one over head valve another the overhead cam the cam is the one that fails ohv was a great engine especally with 5sp i owned my unmill 2018 20 -22 mpg only thing touched was thermostat not 1 thing did the motor need in that time not even plugs
  2. J

    How many miles has your Timing Chain Rattled

    this is june 2024 now its 3000 labor plus parts too much for a less that perfect o4 i own cannot really complain only paid 2k and it lasted 5.5 yrs with only battery alternator and reset theft system and new keys don't like the front drive newer one and no way will i buy a 4 cyl turbo new one
  3. J

    Engine Rattle (Lessened after oil change)

    i see this is old post now 6 of 2024 my 04 just started real loud called shop its a 20 hour labor at about 3k plus pats up ti 2k so i say full rebuilt engine if the body worth it in my case no way even though i like the truck i put thousands in engine and a jerk runs redlight common where i live...
  4. J

    Lincoln Aviator production will end in Chicago by 2028

    i doubt Lincoln brand will be around they don't have a car only overpriced fords and right now loses 45k on every ev sold as well as recalls galore why stockholders are not demanding the CEO head is crazy i just dumped my auto stock fund before i lost any more
  5. J

    My 2004 Explorer

    looks real good i have an 04 getting long in tooth was a working truck by original owner hauled trees to dump got it in 18 only did few repairs fords have module my been ok check wrenching with kenny yt he had ford 150 with trans trouble. i read theres a trans shift kit that replaces the main...
  6. J

    Explorer EV Coming

    there's a yt creator from AU follows ev problems. a Canada city foolishly bought a 1.8 million dollar fire truck about 500k more than ice even so thats one crazy expensive rig and while the defect could be any .its battery complicated repair. but its got a 2 hr run if i heard right so if fire...
  7. J

    Explorer EV Coming

    just yesterday a report about shortage of mechanics who can work on the they do require service, and service centers have to be large because rules or practice don't allow them to be parked next to each other in case of fire. tow yards also after wrecks cannot be parked near another car or...
  8. J

    Weird Key Issue (No Key Detected, No Remote Start)

    thats why i put 2 and 3 gen in reply. they do have anti theft so i still call a major locksmith mobile and quary them btw was the remote factery or dealer installed yt scotty kilmer has had videos on aftermarket remote starter systems but of luck
  9. J

    Weird Key Issue (No Key Detected, No Remote Start)

    i have 2nd and 3 gen and they sometimes lose the connection with chip. does engine turn but not start or on first try run for few seconds the antitheft to my understanding shuts the fuel pump off . see if you can hear pump run for few seconds after key is turned if it the antitheft try your...
  10. J

    04 Explorer

    i see this is old but dead battery can trip many codes so best to reset them run car to see what else came up very doubtful the trans suddenly craped out but best when easy diagnoses dont work a dealer level scan tool is needed if you cannot get to shop call mobile mechanics and only let them...
  11. J


    i noticed you put 3 pumps in . are you using full assembly, and are they ford factory part ebay has been known to have counterfeit from china motorcraft parts. and many direct from china parts are problematic , and replace the sock with the assembly. my explorer got the whole motorcraft...
  12. J


    i noticed you put 3 pumps in are you buy
  13. J

    Body cracked and crumbling near top of hatch

    i go back to the shop that did not fix it right either fix right or refund money. if refuses smalls claims court but have another shop inspection and estimate good luck
  14. J

    2001 Explorer 5.0 P0174 Code

    looking over post. problem started with melted spark wires? that's not normal . but have you taken it to a mechanic that has the professional analizer not just a code reader . they can check all the sensors. and switching parts can get very expensive even dyi been there spent a lot on old ltd...
  15. J

    1996 Explorer Eddie Bauer thermostat

    try getting scanned at one of the part stores that offer free scan . not sure if they have dealer type that analyses all not just codes the basic ones do . but thermostats not too expensive replace it again. but if it defiantly not overheating you could ignore it\ but do check the connection at...
  16. J


    never looked at any of my 3 explorers i had 99.03,04 but i had old 1965 c10 Chevrolet panel and it was strapped with the galvanized plumber about 3/4 inch with holes at about 1 inch intervals strapping with rubber strips where the metal strap hit the tank ruck was 25 yrs old when it gave...
  17. J

    Body cracked and crumbling near top of hatch

    was this bought new and was it a warrantee fix . but get a reputable body shop to look and get estimate . if it was not seen or fixed by dealer you need to get it fixed right. btw i dont know the 2018 but older explorers some hatches were a plastic as is the hoods
  18. J

    1996 Explorer Sport 4WD Upgrades

    i got a 2wd drive i let sit due to illness , love it bought new 99 ran it till 2018 . slave cyl went which is on throw-out bearing and fuil pump died got pump but clutch still not done. see if he replaced the clutch and cyl before doing lots of mods to be honest if ford still made that combo i...
  19. J

    Sandbox2.000 Suspension Build

    cranking tortion does make harder ride. coils sound reasonable but if your raising front why are you using blocks very dangerous on rear. are you making a off road or show truck . hog pog with different co products can be disaster. take note you need so are you raising or lowering? 2wd or 4...
  20. J

    Squealing Noise When Wet, Belt?

    i just reread the question. and might bee too late but when you had fans replaced wat the clutch bad or did it get bent you should have gone back as soon as it happened if it was a shop. the belt could be bad, not correct tension misaligned pully . if shop will not help and if its more than...
  21. J

    Engine Knock/Rattle - 2020 Explorer ST

    absolutely if you do anything in the 14 days they will deny claim
  22. J

    Random intermittent transmission solenoid problems

    i never had this problem but i do remember reading on an E ford Econoline that theres a problem on the electronic controlled trans that is pcm but for the trans in the van there's an aftermarket control that replaces using the pcm i think it was on you tube they were fixing up the van for...
  23. J

    Rough idle after oil change

    pull codes never spray the maf with anything but maf cleaner and remove it from car spray then let dry thoroughly and this is advice to every owner of a regular truck car suv don't go over 10k oil and filter synthetic. 7000 regular oil and newer than 2010 don't use oil weight unless specified...
  24. J

    V8 Swap with M5ODR2 clutch release issues

    most likely slave did you replace it when doing the swap? if its the same as the 99 5sp its on the throw-out bearing and always replace it when trans or engines out
  25. J

    Do they make an aftermarket transmission dipstick ?

    they stopped putting dipsticks in with 3gen the year they redesigned the chasse there's no hole to puut the stick my understanding the fill on trans you stich finger in go to you tube search either check trans fluid or how to change trans fluid thats a real pita too dealers use pressure fill...