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    93 Ranger with an ABS problem.

    I'm new to all this stuff. Thank You! Laddie
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    93 Ranger with an ABS problem.

    Bleeding brakes I did use a vacuum pump and when that got nowhere I used the old foot pumping method and still no fluid comes out. It's as if the ABS valve is blocking the fluid flow to the rear. Laddie
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    93 Ranger with an ABS problem.

    My son's ranger had bad rear shoes and leaking wheel cyls. So after changing them as I've done many times on many vehicles... I could not get fluid to pass at the bleeders. Now the brake and abs light come on,and the brakes are lousy.Does anyone know what is the next logical step besides just...
  4. L

    First time

    This is Laddie. I'm a new guy on the site. I'm really a Festiva guy but my kids have an 01 Explorer sport and a 92 Ranger 2x. Right now the 01 has an issue with a 2-3 cutloose. Looks like an e.p.c. issue. Fords rule..... There not perfect but they still rule. Later