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  1. J

    P0305 Misfire on Cylinder #5

    here are the causes of misfires. spark plugs,boots,coils,dirty or faulty fuel injector,internal engine problem,vacuum leak. if you just plugs in make sure that cyl 5 hasn't started backing itself out. i would assume that you also replaced the boots at the same time. if you did not, then shame on...
  2. J

    abs lighted and 4x4 light flashing 7x?

    your problem is in the abs. had the same issue, turned ou to be a bad r/f wheel speed sensor. the abs disables the 4x4. your gonna have to pull the codes to see what you got.
  3. J

    which TPMS kit will work with my 04 explorer?

    yes it is normal and actually thats pretty cheap. i've bought them for vw's at my shop before abd they cost $250 a piece. just go through tire rack. you'll get the right one the first time and be done. hope this helps.
  4. J

    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    no, rubbage
  5. J

    Brake lights stuck on, helpppp!!

    sometimes the brake switch just needs adjusted. look for an adjustment before buying a new one.
  6. J

    2005 Explorer XLS 4WD Tire Vibration Problems

    I manage a goodyear store and my experience is that tires dont just cup all by themselves. something has to cup them. all the noises and vibrations you are hearing/feeeling are from the tires. if you didn't have the problem with the michelins, then go back to them.
  7. J

    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    took my tpms sensors out of my o.e. wheels and stuck them in my new wheels. wasnt a problem at all.
  8. J

    Broken coil springs, need help!

    unless your buying quick struts from monroe you're gonna need a spring compressor first. that lower arm has to drop down a ways to get that strut out. it's a pretty basic r&r.
  9. J

    Photos 3rd gen pic's

    I hope this works. Its my 04 XLT v8. Nothing fancy. American Racing Octane's in black with stainless steel lip. 245/65/17 Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor's, like everyone says....MORE TO COME!!!
  10. J

    Weird 4X4 problem

    the abs light is on r a reason. get the codes pulled to find out why its on. everytime you shut the truck off the system resets. if its on evrytime you key on then the truck is still seeing the problem. when abs light is on it disengages 4wd. it siunds like your having a problem with the 4wd...
  11. J

    Santa is coming soon. What is on your wish list?

    A 2jz engine, No Sh*T! Are you overnighting parts from japan?! sorry for the fast and furious quote but when do you get ti use it? good luck on the project i'm sure it will kick asss!
  12. J

    02 EB 4.6 - Blower stuck on High

    does it blow on high no matter what speed you select or does it blow on high only. if its the first i bet the controller is bad. if its the latter you need a blower motor resistor. hope that helps
  13. J

    Where to get Monroe Quick Struts...

    not sure about these sites as I dont use them but I was talking to my Monroe rep two days ago and they told me that the fronts release date is 11/15/09. the rears are already out since thats the springs that always break. i cant wait
  14. J

    2004 with 4.6 SOHC spark plug

    i have seen this happen quite often on f150's with the 4.6 at my shop. luckily there is a machine shop up the street that has always been able to helicoil the head and put a new plug in. and never has to take the head off. good luck
  15. J

    binding/hoping feeling while slow speed turning.. ANY HELP PLEASE

    the TSB that I read recently stated that this was caused by false 4wd engagement. the truck thinks the wheels are slipping,which they probably are while trying to park and thus the truck tries to engage 4wd before it realizes it shouldnt.
  16. J

    Misfire codes 306 316 ???

    other misfire causes are bad injector(s) or intake leaks.
  17. J

    Need Help, 03 XLS Won't Start, just clicks

    you need to make sure you have power and ground at the starter. if you dont then repair accordingly. if you do then that starter is probably stuck on a flat spot. i've seen this alot at our shop. you could always take your starter out and have it tested. if you live near an Advance Auto Parts...
  18. J

    Dash Guage Electrical Issue

    I'd go to the closest church, get a bottle of holy water and throw it on your truck. Good luck with that one! :D
  19. J

    HELP! Wiring harness for indash DVD player.

    I had the same problem so I went to Best Buy.
  20. J

    2002 headlight issues

    assuming that you have not done anything to modify the lights or the wiring, start with some simple checks. when the lights go out do you have power at the switch, do you have ground. i had this happen once on a car I had and the headlamp relay would overheat and shut them off. if the wiring is...
  21. J

    New brake problem

    use a different pad. at my shop we use raybestos brakes. the same happened to me. so i switched to a brand called centric. i dont think these are available at part stores though. havent had that problem for over a year now. napa is selling some nice ones now called "adaptive" give those a shot.
  22. J

    So the Stealership says.....

    that sal costs about $7.00 and takes mayb a half hour to fix, plus some fluid. the fluid should be changed anyway periodically. its not worth ruining a frt diff just change it.
  23. J

    Good on/off road tire

    I am biased since I run a Goodyear garage, but the Wrangler Silent Armor is untouchable. It has a 50k mileage warranty, the bfg does not. When the silent armor came out I got to go to Goodyears test track in Ohio and compare it against the bfg tako tire. needless to say when I got home that day...
  24. J

    My $3300 visit to the dealership

    WOW!! Bozman, you may want to some shopping around next time, although I assume you've gotten that message from all the other posters. If not, I would like to fowad you the address and phone number of the garage I run here in Pittsburgh. You could have drove here,watched the steelers play,had my...
  25. J

    clicking sound from rear end???

    agreed with mack. had the same problem on my x.