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    Kenne Bell supercharged 5.0 Explorer...

    Load it to photobucket then copy the img URL then paste it on here Nox Vidmate VLC
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    Just quoted $151 plus tax /rear hatch glass hinges

    You want a new hinge, but in any case, be sure to add a drop of blue loctite to the threads when you install both hinges again. Speed Test
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    Project thread: “Beast”

    duals look really nice, any shots of the underside how they get around the axle and spare tire? Tutuapp 9Apps
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    1999 Mounty 5.0 aka My Great Bad Idea

    Fold down those back seats and be amazed by all the cargo room. Kodi
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    Contemplating 5.0L rebuild for mild performance boost

    was going to say, just like the add says, the x charger by itself USED is worth the asking price. hell, if it was close to me, i would even buy that. snaptube vidmate
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    5.0L swap "done" now time for an engine build...

    You can do a pretty good port and polish yourself there is plenty of info out there on this and the gt40p heads Sounds like a really good plan! I would however fix the 02 sensor codes so the conversion can be complete :) the last thing you want it a lean or rich condition on your new rebuild
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    Change Wires when Changing Plugs? Broke Wires Again.

    The heat kind of glues the plastic in the boot to the plugs, making it really difficult to pull them. jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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    In need of 5.0 Headers

    The TMs are a huge pain in the ass to install, get to seal right. and you have to deal with not burning up the plug wires forever with them.
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    5.0 Radiator interchange?

    I too wanted the extra cooling. I installed it after a rebuild but before the blower install. It has more cooling capacity with two rows.
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    Powerdyne BD-11a versus Powerdyne XB-1A dyno numbers - need some input

    Hoping this gives a bit more for reducing any possible slippage. Coming off of the lower alternator bracket we put an idler pulley that basically puts pressure on the bottom of the supercharger belt (pushing up) and then tensioned it (the belt) to the appropriate tension measured using the Gates...
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    5.0 2to4wd 4406 and tons

    You are using a manual shift transfer case, you will simply run two wires from the t case to your instrument cluster for the 4hi and 4 low lights Nox Vidmate VLC
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    Leaf spring pack upgrade

    it was dragging ass was used the explorer leafs with the ranger ones laced in. I cut the eyes off the ranger main leaf and used it too. Speed Test
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    Hydraulic Clutch Line Replacement/Slave Cylinder Fitting

    It’s been a while since I had that style of clutch line but isn’t it just a metal clip that snaps in place to hold the line in? Could find some good stiff metal and re create one
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    question about GT-40P 1.7 rockers and valve covers

    The baffles inside the stock explorer stamped covers are the issue I’m thinking a 1/2” spacer would clear easily.
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    Getting the most out of what I have

    Mine had 200k on a switched instrument cluster only thing you got watch out for with the ohv is there garbage transmissions. If you have a manual other story. Speed Test
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    96 sport manual project

    I did a Rustoleum roll on job on a Fiero once, and it looked decent, but the paint faded quickly and gasoline would dissolve it. jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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    4406 magnetic Sensor no Speedo Gear

    Use a Dakota digital speedometer drive device and then convert the signal from your Hall effect style vss to drive your 97 speedometer
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    -Deathrow Update Log-

    The upper thread inserts though are a bigger key, in your picture it looks like there is a hole made where the insert needs to go. There are about four of those sets of three bolts, needed to mount the OEM brackets on each side. If you can work out those upper bolt threads, the inserts, then you...
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    Spark plug wires for TMH?

    they have some good wires from United for $50 I run those on Lots of the 5.0 trucks I build/flip/ maintain jiofi.local.html tplinklogin