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    V6 Engine overheating.

    Thank you Tech Guru .I did check the oil and it looked fine, just oil. And the fan clutch seems to have good resistance. I was able to get it home with no problems after adding some more water. I believe it may of had some pockets of air in it. I will check it again once it cools down. I may...
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    V6 Engine overheating.

    My 2004 V6 Explorer overheated last week, cracking the thermostat housing. So I replaced it with a new one, and also a new thermostat. I also ran flush through the cooling system, then flushed water through it until it ran out clear, then filled it with 2 gallons of concentrate antifreeze and...
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    Hello everyone!

    I now have a fleet of Ford vehicles new maintain. A 1998 Explorer, 1999 Mustang, 2003 Excursion and a most troublesome 2004 Explorer. :)