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    Dipped the wheels

    They were at one point all blue but it was hideous so I decided to go all black and then last minuet thought" what if i did this instead" and here's what I have now.
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    power door locks

    Would this buy any chance, make the driver's side door unable to unlock from the keypad? This issue popped up recently. All the other doors will unlock except the drivers side door. I thought it was an electrical problem at first but i also noticed that if I try to unlock the door using the key...
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    Homemade headlight Wiring Harness upgrade

    Sorry for posting on an old thread but for the relays, say you used a standard bosch 5pin relay instead of a 4pin, would the 87a pin just not be used?
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    Show off your Wheels

    just plasti dipped yesterday:)
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    Dipped the wheels

    just did mine the other day as well. I'm also skeptical about hold up especially against rain and car washes. Wondering how many coats are necessary for it to remain pretty close to permanent
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    Dome Light LED Mod

    Been reading multiple threads on this and I have a few questions 1. I noticed that most people end up going a route that involves custom wiring, rather than just swapping out the bulbs with LED replacements from here...
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    2 weeks of mods finished! w/ lots of pictures

    I just wanted to say I am in love with your explorer. The look of it is just flawless
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    LED Mirror Light Conversion (Pics)

    stupid question but i'm guessing their aren't any LED bulbs available to just swap put with the stock puddle ones?