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  1. J

    1991 EB Lifted and Locked

    wow if you weren't literally across the country
  2. J

    For Sale Less 37k 1992 Explorer Sport (1 of 1)

    my god. is this beautiful Explorer still available? Please say yes
  3. J

    Update on Saleen XP8 Ford Explorer 98-0028 - 1FMZU35P5WZB18340 - flood damage

    It is insanely rare and this is the only one I've ever seen with every single option. Its got the blower, the recaros, the hood, the brakes *literally never see these*, the carbon bits and the floor mats. I bid it up to 10k a few times I'd do it for that price but I have a feeling this reserve...
  4. J

    Update on Saleen XP8 Ford Explorer 98-0028 - 1FMZU35P5WZB18340 - flood damage

    Still for sale on the bay. I wonder who is going to get it.
  5. J


    I'm not the seller but I talked with him a little, seems like a really nice truck for someone in the market for one. Very unique only 2 of this color made. 1999 Ford Explorer SALEEN XP8 | eBay
  6. J

    thinking its time to sell the old girl

    far away (NY) but interested. What are the mods/stats?
  7. J

    High output alternator

    cool any pics? i'm pretty interested
  8. J

    High output alternator

    Those are the models and amps yours is a replacement for? Cause yeah I have a 2000 5.0 and it is listed there
  9. J

    High output alternator

    Does this amp fit 5.0 engines? I need a new one bad and the replacement I was looking at is listed as fitting both 4 and 5 L...
  10. J

    Any Problems Towing an Explorer a Few Miles on the Road?

    Had the exact same issue this week with mine. Had to get a flat bed home so I can work on it. Pretty sure it is the starter as well, lots of corrosion visible. Going to try my best and get it all cleaned up. Battery is resting a little low, 12.36 but that is more than enough to turn the engine...
  11. J

    Remove Running Boards

    awesome thanks!
  12. J

    Remove Running Boards

    There seem to be quite a few of those out there. I'm pretty sure they are the same exact flares used on the Eddie Bauers.. could you snap some pictures to compare?
  13. J

    Parting out 3 trucks

    Alternator available from the v8 mounty?
  14. J

    Parting 1995-2001 explorer 5.0 limited

    alternator available?
  15. J

    Pics of TT Shackle and AAl

    Torsion Twist and Add-A-Leaf. Both extremely cost effective ways of lifting the trucks. TT is for the front and AAL is for the rear. Shackles are also for the rear, it seems like alot of people combine shackles and AAL.. I was going to just do shackles but considering how cheap the AAL is, I...
  16. J

    Remove Running Boards

    Yeah I know I could plug the holes I just wanted to have the trim piece and paint it to match the fenders since I really like the two tone.
  17. J

    Remove Running Boards

    ^is your XLT one of the ones with the grey fender flares?
  18. J

    Remove Running Boards

    I think a better question here is: for the XLT models with grey fender flares, are those the same flares as the Eddie Bauer ones? If so the rocker trim between them should fit an Eddie Bauer
  19. J

    Remove Running Boards

    I'm dying to get rid of the running boards on my 00' Eddie but I know there are going to be holes and the unfinished looking rockers behind them. I know that there are many Explorers out there without running boards; instead they have a lower profile rocker trim. Check out the red XLT with the...
  20. J

    1" Heat Spacer Install- 5.0 GT-40 ( Upper Plennum Removal and Replacement)

    ^Just got my truck. The only engine mod I've done is a Mac Intake but that wouldn't factor into this install at all... No headers here.
  21. J

    1" Heat Spacer Install- 5.0 GT-40 ( Upper Plennum Removal and Replacement)

    Bumping an old thread but thinking about ordering one of these TFS-51520018 from Summit Racing. Shouldn't be any problems with bolts and from what I've read I won't need any extra parts? For 80 bucks I figure why not
  22. J

    5.0 Torque Monster Headers on eBay

    I have a 2000 5.0 AWD.. assuming it has EGR, can't go check because its at the shop. Can anyone confirm my thought? 650 seems like so much considering the alleged restock of OBX Headers in a few weeks...