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    Door switch wiring?

    Well this is awesome, thanks very much!! Not to be a pain, but would you have a pic for the rear door jamb as well? I have a bad feeling that it may be a bit tougher to get to lol.
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    Door switch wiring?

    So the drivers side rear door switch went south on my 93 so I took it out to replace it but the wiring has fallen inside the jamb, anyone have an idea how to fish it out? Does it come from the top or the bottom of the jamb?
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    DRL module?

    Seems that lately when you start the Explorer up, the high beams will automatically come on instead of the DRL's. It's easily solved by turning the headlights on, but annoying if you forget to look to see if the high beam indicator is lit up. Is this the DRL module going south, or something else?
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    No 4x4...again

    So, after farting around a couple of years ago, it turns out my shift motor was shot. Not just the bushing either, it was fried. Replaced with a new one from Dorman, and she worked just fine for that winter, go to use it this winter and zilch, pushing the button doesn't even make the module...
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    Privacy or tinted?

    So sometime on Saturday morning I caught a rock from our service road in front of work in the drivers rear quarter glass, the local wreckers has quite a few in stock but they need to know if it's tinted or privacy. What's the difference? It's got a very dark factory tint on it, dark enough...
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    Do I need to change the cage?

    Good call.
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    Do I need to change the cage?

    So the wife and I are upgrading from a 1000 lb tent trailer to a 3000 lb 16 foot trailer here soon and while my Ex has the trailer package, they saddled it with the pitiful 3.08 gears. Now I have a set of 4.10's waiting in the wings, or can get my hands on a set of 3.73's easy enough to up my...
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    Axle shaft seal

    Timken SBK4 kit, or 722109 for just the seal.
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    Axle shaft seal

    Got it, after some creative use of the search function on here.
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    Axle shaft seal

    I can't seem to find a part number for the drivers side axle shaft seal. I looked in our catalog here at work and can find the spindle seal, and it lists the axle shaft seal for 3.55 and 3.73's, but not 3.08s like my Ex. Anyone have an SKF number or something I could go by?
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    Wheel bearings

    Whoops, my bad, 4x4. And after looking a little closer at my supplier, I see that they're the same. Thanks for the response though!
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    Wheel bearings

    Are the front inner and outer wheel bearings different, or the same? I'm getting conflicting answers from different sources. The company that I order my parts through says they're different, but a few people I've talked to say they're the same. Thought I'd ask some experts!;)
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    Bearing or U-joint?

    So driving around the other day, I turned on my 4x4 and immediatley heard a rythmic klunking coming from the drivers side front wheel area. It was perfectly in time with the rotation of the wheel, and luckily I was going very slow at the time. I'm leaning towards u-joint, but being that I'll...
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    Front brake job

    Awhile ago I read a very detailed post on here about doing the front brakes on a first gen Ex. It was a great article, full of pictures and VERY good at the step by step procedures. I really need to find it again as I'm going to tackle mine this weekend, but can't seem to locate it anywhere...
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    Not a BII, but close.

    Quite surprised actually, but maybe after sitting for so long (8 years!) they just crapped out. I'm going to take them out this next weekend and see if I can't get them working, but found some on Ebay for fairly cheap so will get them coming as well.
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    Not a BII, but close.

    Well, took the bed off, have power to the pumps but no pumps. Off to Ebay I guess!
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    Not a BII, but close.

    It's hooked up using the same connectors as everywhere else in the fuel system, so I'm just going to throw 2 canister style filters in there, 1 for the supply and 1 for the return line, and go from there. Mine had the filter in it and it turned out to be a real nice shade of black when I...
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    Not a BII, but close.

    Thought I'd post here as there seems to be a great deal of knowledgable people in here! Got an 86 Ranger given to me, 2.9 5spd. CANNOT get fuel to the rail. Granted the truck has been sitting for some time, but what are the odds that both in-tank pumps (dual tank truck) are shot at the same...
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    3.55's and towing

    So, after watching a tv show highlighting the Slocan Valley in B.C. I've decided that it's where we'll be spending our holidays next summer. The one thing making me hesitant is towing over the Kootenay Pass. I have a line on a 4.10 ring and pinion for the rear, but not for the front, or I can...
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    Alternator VS old battery

    My 93 got a new battery and alternator this summer, and still does exactly what yours did. I should have gone for the higher amp alternator. With that many accessories on, it's one hell of a drain on the electrical system. But like something9000 said, 5-6 years out of one battery is a pretty...
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    Shift Motor

    I'd be draining my transfer case and seeing how bad the shavings are in the fluid, as that's where they would have come from.
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    warm heater

    Could have some air in the system.
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    Push button 4x4 to Shifter swap

    x2 on that. I'd love to see a write-up on this. That is one hell of a slick set up! Is it some custom built rig, or are these available off the shelf from this D&D?
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    For Sale 1354E manual conversion kit

    Wow! That's a nice setup! You wouldn't by chance have the website of the company handy do you? I've googled it, but still can't seem to find them. My electronic crap is working just fine (finally) But just in case...
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    Now that the 4x4 is working...

    I noticed that the front hubs sound "dry", for lack of a better term. After not being engaged for nearly 2 years should I change the transfer case oil and front diff fluid? I need to do the front brakes so re-packing the bearings and soaking the auto hub pieces in ATF is in order, but after...