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    Skid plates

    I like those too. Ok, so I'm almost sold on sliders. :) If I could just build them quietly while the wife is sleeping:D
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    Skid plates

    I like your designs and ideas. I really like Mountain Green's and they pretty well look like what I had thought of doing. Since my truck is still fairly new I probably won't be rock climbing for another couple of years......well not planned rock climbing anyway. I hunt and fish and every so...
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    Skid plates

    Thanks Beck, You wouldn't happen to have pics of how and where you mounted those on the fram would you? I'm thinking of doing something similar, but using 1X2" square tubing that way I might be able to sort of cap off the top of the sliders with my factory bar. Making them functional yet...
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    Skid plates

    Cool, thanks for the pic, it gives me an idea of where to start if I decide to fabricate myself.
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    Skid plates

    Hmmm, looks like plastic. How much mor rpotection would it give youif it's plastic? I don't want to knock down your skid plate, I'm just wondering how solide it might be/is?
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    Skid plates

    I kinda like that idea!
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    Skid plates

    I'm thinking of skidding the underneath of my 04 Sport Trac and modifying my nerf bars. Does anyone know if Ford had any Sport Trac models that had factory skids that I could pick up at the boneyard, or is it aftermarket only? Any suggestions/experiance which aftermarket company I should...
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    Radio Question

    Looks like the radio is your problem and it's probably not worth taking apart to fix. Either get one at a bone yard if you want to keep factory or go to a radio shop and get the face plate (if you buy a shorter unit) and an adapter (do not try to chop the existing harness please) that plugs into...
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    I've never tried my X, but with my Taurus it would cut out quite low when the engine had no restriction (Neutral or Park). I beleive this was to prevent accidental over rev if the motor falls out of gear. Although 11mpg seems low, it isn't extremely low. It depends on your take offs, when...
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    Seat Belt Sound

    Looks like it still dings when you first turn the truck on and then dings once again. So basically start up ding and one warning ding then it goes silent. Not sure why they call it dissabling seatbelt chime.
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    Seat Belt Sound

    I found it in my manual and dissabled mine today. Turn ignition to run(not start) and wait until the seat belt light goes out(with your seatbelt unbuckled). Then buckle and unbuckle your seat belt 9 times within 50 sec ending in the seatbelt in the unbuckled position. Your airbag light...
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    Where are you from?

    Born and raise Grand Barachois NB. Pop. aprox. 2800. big enough so you don't know everyones name yet small enough you know when a stranger is in town. Denis
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    Worst stuck pic thread

    "And I realized AFTER i hit the hole that the Road Cone was to say "Go the OTHER way!!" Hey you'll never know if you don't try for yourself.:D
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    Worst stuck pic thread

    Just pull the fill plug out and check with your finger to see if there seems to be water in the oil. Technically, if your rear end is not leaking, there should be no water entering it, unless you had water over your vent hose or hole. Denis
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    what kind of RPMs should I be running?

    Any way of knowing what kind of gears I'm running without taking the rear end appart?
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    what kind of RPMs should I be running?

    I just bought a new to me 2004 sport trac V6 5speed auto and I'm turning about 2.7 to 2.8 on the RPM at highway speeds of 60 to 70 MPH, It seems a little high, but it's my first Explorer, so just curious? Denis
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    4x4 Hi Clunk Problem

    Not 100% sure but wouldn't your transfer case still be turning if your hubs were locked even if you were in 2wd? And secondly do these use drive chains for transfer case or gear?
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    Funny Quote

    When the only tool you possess in life is a hammer, eventually everthing starts looking like nails.
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    How to restore with spray paint

    For plastic pieces I wouldn't sand , just because sand marks are going to show up real easy on plastic. If you look at the instructions for the trim paint it should tell you what kind of prep to use. I'm guessing cleaning with some sort of cleaner that's safe on plastics. For the metal pieces...
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    Thinking of getting an extended warranty on my 2005 Explorer any advice?

    I purchased an extended warranty. It wasn't the Ford extended and the guy that sold it to me made it sound like the Ford extended was to expensive at the mileage my truck had on. I'm starting to think it's a bad mistake. No support from Ford on this one even if I bought it at the dealership. Had...
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    Crazy Interview

    All e-bay sellers should be forced to watch this video before posting their product. It might weed out some of the scammers.:thumbsup: Denis
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    4LO on the road?!?!?!ey

    A couple of miles wont hurt it. Specialy on snowy roads. I wouldn't want to go long distances in 4 lo on dry pavement tho. Burnt smeel does smell like a cat smell. If she was in 4 lo the motor was probably reving a bit higher which could attribute to this.
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    Went out for a gallon of milk and came back with...

    At that cost I hope the AC works good:D
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    Carpet Shampoo - What really works?

    I find that clothing stain removers (shout, stain away) and a toothbrush work great for carpets and seats.
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    HELP!!! My Keyless Remote Won't Work

    I think your locks are supposed to cycle and not your horn honk......just in case you were looking for your horn to honk specifically (5 times on-off maybe....I guess it might vary). Do your power locks still work? If not it could be a fuse.