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    Aftermarket Headlights-where to get?

    What's the name of the shop that did those? Did they just send you the housings?
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    How to: Explorer LED Interior swap + Puddle Lamps DIY

    How do replace the visor bulbs? I have LED replacements, but I can't seem to remove the stock factory bulbs from the plastic assembly.
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    Running Boards - DeeZee and Others

    Thanks! I'm hoping to make some other lighting mods soon. I have found this site to be so helpful! As for the ERG boards, they are not the easiest, but they look good!
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    Running Boards - DeeZee and Others

    EGR Running Board Step Install (2015) I wanted to share some pics of my new XLT with the ERG Running Board Steps. I founds a great source on the web that was about $125 less than my local shop. I used Pep Boys to install for $200. Check on Ebay for the boards. The EGR Product Number is...