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    5R55S swap to 5R55W

    Did this end up working, having the same dilemma, sorry know it is an old thread
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    Swapped 5R55S for 5R55W, should I swap pcm as well?

    How did the swap work out? Having some of the same issues and looking at changing 2002 explorer 5r55w with donor 2004 5r55s. know it is an old thread
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    Has someone swapped a 5r55w to a 5r55s?

    Did you end up doing the swap and how did it work?
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    New to forum, trans question

    New to form, having questions regarding 2002 explorer 4.0 V6 SOHC. It had or light and transmission flutter 2nd gear and reverse(P073 code). Transmission shop said transmission shot and wanting to put in new transmission. Have a donor vehicle that is 2004 same engine but is 5r55s...