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    Rough Ride

    Running your tires under inflated, plus the suspension of an Explorer with just wear your tires out quickly. Keep in mind your truck isn't new, so the front coils are guaranteed to be worn out. Measure how much space there is between the bump stop and axle. Also about shocks - that 'bounce...
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    93 explorer, lot of oil in radiator, but doesn't overheat?

    Someone puting oil into your coolant? lol
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    Heavy duty fan clutch?

    Weld the clutch solid :)
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    Getting hot air with the heater OFF

    My dads truck didnt do this at all. Then he put a new heater core in, and it always feels like the heat is on.
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    So I thought I had a bearing fail....

    A 35 inch tire is a hard tire to balance. Sounds almost like a tire or two isnt balanced properly.
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    Absolutely Unbelievable

    Did you touch it??? did it touch you :eek:
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    right hub engaging

    Bad assumption Derocha, lol. Don't even bother greasing it and all that, just use your warranty if you still have it. If you can't use the warranty, then clean/grease it :)
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    Over Heating

    *cough head gasket *cough
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    92 Eddie Bauer 4x4 tranny probs,

    Does it move when you reach high RPM, or does it move when you put it in gear, and just wont go any faster? Sounds almost like you only need your bands adjusted?
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    do i need to pull carrier

    You might as well just take it out, it will just go right back in the exact same way. You won't need to measure backlash or anything. But to answer your question, I'm sure its possible as long as the ring gear isnt blocking any of the holes in the carrier.
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    Harsh vibration

    Long story short: Went wheeling last night, washed the truck and now theres a serious vibration between 40-70 KPH. Checked rear u-joints, no noticable play. Hubs not locked. Any input very welcomed, thanks.
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    Sucky Brakes

    Adjust your back brakes. Solves it every time :)
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    Converting 4X4 to 2 wheel drive

    Why not just leave it all alone and just not use 4x4 until the U-joints are fixed? It doesn't require taking anything out.
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    Dark Green coolant

    Maybe your headgasket(s) are pooched and oil is getting into the coolant? Just a guess d:-]
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    Leaking gear oil

    Oops disregard the stupid question. I'm kind of a jeep guy now and wasn't 100% sure what you meant by "spindle." I looked at this: And I now see the actual knuckle doesn't have to come off, and thats the part i was worred about. After seeing that pic it looks pretty easy. All I need to...
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    Leaking gear oil

    NO NO NO! The pumpkin itself hasnt been leaking, just the axle seal I'm assuming. The fluids just been running down to the bottom of the pumpkin and collecting in that little ledge part. As for the seal, we have every kind and size of seal driver possible. How big is the hole in the knuckle...
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    Leaking gear oil

    Front axle is leaking gear oil...and has been for a long time. Ever since I noticed it it's only been collecting/dripping out the very bottom of the pumpkin. Today I crawled under to investigate a wierd noise and I noticed the inside of my tire and entire knuckle was covered in fluid... My...
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    How to remove mold from seat belt?

    Replace the belt.
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    A4LD variant questions.

    With the added weight of the truck, it won't get 26-28 MPG. Also since it's a 4 cylinder, it will have to work a lot harder to move the truck, so in the long run, your gas milage will probably be even worse than the 4 Liter.
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    flooded, HELP!!!!!

    You broke the magnets in the starter by hitting it. Buy a new starter.
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    3.8 super coupe swap?

    Why in the hell would you want to swap out a 4.0 for a 3.8? Any Ford 3.8 is one of the worst motors ever built, thats why they stopped. Those motors have a gajillion notorious problems. Then you add a supercharger, which is more moving parts and more power, to a motor that weak from the...
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    please no... not again...

    Sounds more like a 4x4 computer problem.
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    91 X Slow to start, Low warmup RPM

    My truck does this all the time... Saves on gas, why bother fixing it? lol.
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    Brake lights

    The flux capacitor? What the hell is a directional stalk? lol.