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    2000 Eddie Bauer 4.0L SOHC engine life.

    Have 166k on a 4.0 98 EB. Owned since new. Oil change every 3-4000 miles. Had the tranny flushed at 80k. Has tow pkg and limited slip. No rust yet either which is remarkable in Iowa. Have had only minor body hardware problems so far. Knock on wood.
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    has my sohc had a replacement timing chain?

    Timing belt I'm the original owner of a 98 EB with 161,000 mi. Have never changed the timing belt. Runs fine no chatter. Don't intend to do it in the future either.
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    gas consumtition

    That's 14.76 mpg. Seems normal for around town driving. I assume your $1.40 is the cost per liter which is normally the listing in Europe. That's equivalent to $5.30 per gallon. That's close to the price I saw in Europe last time I was there. FYI 10KM=6.215miles, 1 gallon = 3.785L, or 1...
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    126,000 miles Is it worth it?

    When I changed tires from Goodyear wrangler(approx 60,000miles on them) to Remingtons (less agressive tread) the ride improved. Was not expecting this! Tire size was 255/70/16 for both sets.
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    Rear wiper sucks!!!

    I don't know what they do at the dealership, but everytime I get my oil changed i ask them to adjust the rear wiper and it works better for a couple weeks, and they don't charge me for it, yes i paid for it ($22 for an oil change!) . Whatever they do, must be easy or they would charge me, but...
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    126,000 miles Is it worth it?

    I drive a 98 EB with 126k,sohc v6, tow pkg,(16" rims(oem) and 4.10 axle) , bought new. Have only replaced brakes and one lower ball far. I've had trouble with the radio digital display and the power antenna. Runs great, love the leather , still looks great. I am getting nervous...
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    replacement power antennae mast and blown sub

    replacement power antenna My 98 EB power antenna hasn't gone down in 2 years. The motor still runs every time I turn it off however. I have the Mach system with 6cd holder in the consol e. The radio works like new, but the digital display only works infrequently, seems like if we're on a long...