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    Air Suspension no longer works

    I have a 2000 Eddie Bauer About a week ago I noticed after driving for about 10-15min the "check Suspension" light would come on. I also noticed that the compressor that pumps up the suspension hasnt been running at all. usually it always kicks on when I park. I am not sure what the problem...
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    Driver side Seatbelt stuck in auto lock, help!

    went out on my break at work and was able to get the cover off the ratchet, must have been stuck on the tiniest thing, but I was able to get it working again after I realized you have to hold it vertically so the ball bearing acts as a counter weight on the arm. Thanks, For the help.
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    Driver side Seatbelt stuck in auto lock, help!

    thanks, I was able to get to it last night, but couldnt figure it out, the panels over the ratchet say do no remove, and the clips have a guard over them, so I am not really sure how to remove the cover without breaking theplastic tabs, especially in these cold winter days. I tried to remove the...
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    Driver side Seatbelt stuck in auto lock, help!

    Yesterday I went to buckle up and must have pulled it to fast making the belt lock up. As I let it retract to reset it, the belt did not retract as easy and made clicking sounds. Now my seatbelt is fully retracted and still locked up. is there any kind of reset button under the trim panel and a...
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    I need 10 seconds of your time!

    I need all your help everyone! I made a video to win a $100 iTunes gift card on how to use the bluedriver OBD2 device for your iPhone/iPod. All you have to is click the link below and look for my post - Ryan Maheu, with the video and like it! (it is located on the right side of the timeline...
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    Voltage drop when accelerating

    Problem solved. The connector on the alternator was plugged in but not pushed down all the way. Easy fix.
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    Voltage drop when accelerating

    I will start off by telling you. Last week my alternator died on my way home from work and I barely made it home on the charged battery I had. I replaced the alternator and serpentine belt that night. Ever since then when ever I accelerate or even just give a little gas, dash lights, headlights...
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    OD Light blinking !?!

    I have a scanner an it doesn't trip any codes. So I'm not sure how else to check it
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    OD Light blinking !?!

    everytime i get on the highway my overdrive light starts blinking. I dont notice any issues on the highway but when I drive around town and I come to a stop you feel it clunk out of gear right before stopping. if I park the vehicle for a little and drive around town again, the light will go off...
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    e brake problem? help!?

    bump, anybody?
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    e brake problem? help!?

    I just changed my passenger side ebrake cable, adjusted both tires and my ebrake still doesnt hold 1200rpm's i need to fix this to pass inspection. my ebrake shoes are fine, they were replaced last summer. I lifted both tires and tightened them till i could rotate the tire by hand in neutral but...
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    E brake cabe replacement help?

    I need to change my rear passenger side e brake cable on my 97 explorer. anybody done this before? how hard is it? any tips? need to get it done for inspection sticker.
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    muffler replacement suggestions

    I failed my inspection due to an exhaust leak from my muffler, so I am looking for a replacement muffler. are there any suggestions for a muffler that may be better than a stock muffler?
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    need antenna trim

    Im looking for a the plastic trim that goes over the antenna (black) I think somebody stole mine because they dont just fall off. If anybody knows where I can get one or have an extra, that would be great.
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    temperature control lights went out..replace?

    are you able to replace the lights in the temperature control? the lights in mine went out.
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    Antenna Trim?

    The plastic trim around my antenna is gone, these things dont just fall off so im thinking somebody swiped it off my explorer. anybody have an extra, can get an extra or know where I can get one cheap? havent seen any on ebay.
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    Black box below glove compartment? What is it?

    What is the black plastic box below the glove box on the passenger side? I had mounted my neon lights to it using epoxy, but sooner or later somebody pushes their feet to high up and it presses aginst the neon and it falls off, i want to end this hassel of constantly re atttaching the light by...
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    Need help with body rot repair!

    I have some rot on my passenger side, that I need to attend to. I never did any type of body repair so I need help on materials, and how to go about repairing. The rear panel that holds up the running board is rotting away. here are some pics
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    H3ST fog lights dont fit on 97 XLT

    did some searching, 893 ST or 885 will work
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    Engine noise in speakers

    I had engine noise in my speakers after I installed a pioneer receiver. The problem was The cd player had its ground, and the factory amp had its own ground, created a ground loop, I just disconnected it from the factory amp and I was fine.
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    H3ST fog lights dont fit on 97 XLT

    I just recieved my H3ST fog lights, but they are not the right connector, I read that it may be the H1ST, but that connector looks different (from what I can tell online) also, which silverstar fog light will fit a 97 XLT?
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    Transmission Speed Sensor Replacement?

    got it scanned again after check engine light came back on, i got the code P0715 "input/turbine speed sensor circuit malfunction" from reading i hear the sensor is cheap (around $20) but the only way to change it is to dissasemble the tranny. anybody know how expensive this fix is?
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    Transmission Speed Sensor Replacement?

    Check engine light went on, on my 97 xlt. the scan said a transmission speed sensor, auto zone only had a vehicle speed sensor, so I changed that as well since it was only $17, but the old sensor tested good. Anybody change a transmission speed sensor, I googled it and found it here...
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    replacing dash switch bulbs (4x4, rear defrost, rear wiper)

    ya just those three, that would be great, pm me and ill give you my address.