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  1. J

    Speedometer issues

    a short time ago my speedometer stopped working properly. It isn't dead but it's not accurate. It reads over and will jump all the way up randomly. It will say I'm doing 70/80 when I'm doing about 35/40. I'm not sure what to look at or replace and I'm pretty uneasy driving in a cop thick area...
  2. J

    Solved Overheating/coolant overflow

    Thank you guys. I called my dad and he suggested the thermostat. I replaced it the same day and it's running at a proper temp. Been too busy to post. Thank you guys for your time and knowledge.
  3. J

    Solved Overheating/coolant overflow

    I have a 92 explorer. It overheated yesterday after driving around a hilly park at slow speeds for about a half hour. I cooked it down and put water and what coolant I had in it. Now idling in the driveway it starts to heat up after 5 minutes and coolant starts overflowing from the fill tank...
  4. J

    Break lights flash instead of blinkers

    I recently received a 92 explorer xl from a friend. The blinkers were not working in any way. I replaced the buss flasher and now they work, sorta, the breaklights flash and the blinkers do nothing. I'm not sure what to do next.