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    Wrapping up the 4.0 SOHC rebuild

    Freeze plugs, i don't know the size but maybe you are good with a set?,2000,explorer,4.0l+v6+sohc,1362440,engine,expansion+plug,5332 Crank case vent (not the pcv vent) is very hard to find What is...
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    Think you talking about this part F77Z-6A785-AB Problem is to get a junkyard part out without distroying it too. availability ???
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    Reverse lights 2005 mercury mountaineer location maybe on the transmission? Or this
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    1999 Explorer Rear Air Shocks

    WESTAR AS7402 WESTAR AS7403 If you have the load leveling system you need both (left and right), these are the matching shocks. Get it from Rockauto or serch for other sellers (Amazon get them, Ebay too)...
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    Head Gasket?

    If there is a head gasket issue then you should be able to smell the exhaust gases. There are C02 tester on the market which detects exhaust gas in coolant. If the water cools down, maybe the vacuum sucks air through the radiator cap insted of sucking water from the reservoir. Just an idea...
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    1995 4.0 More problems

    I am not firm with the OHV but if i search for the code 337 in this forum many posts point to EGR Valve and DPFE sensor. The DPFE sensor did not last forever and rubber hoses crack, the EGR valve could stuck. I would take a look to that. I think there could be some other problems like fuel...
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    How to uninstall brown wire mod correctly?

    How did you connect the wire ends? Soldering or any other method? Did you get flashing 4x4 light now? Did the 4x4 light work on selftest? Did you check the depending fuse? P1824 points to a 4x4 drive clutch relay cicuit failure, so maybe the relay is bad or there is a ground wire problem on...
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    Step by step

    It's unbelievable, for this price no detailed installarion instructions. Looks similar to ARIES 3052 one piece design but this "instruction" is for the Ranger. Nevertheless, a whole sunday job if the bumper cover...
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    Gen II rear shock absorber deal Only for the non lifted rear end, not for automatic ride control.
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    Fuel pump unit

    Short and painless, reliev valve tuning, thumbs up!
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    2002 4wd not working

    If the affected fuses under hood and dash are in best shape, a bad shift motor ground wire could be a reason, maybe corroded plug contacts, but in most cases the 4x4 shift motor itself is the trouble maker. Unbolting it and see if it is rotating, while someone activates the 4x4 switch. If it...
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    Is this normal pulley behavior ?

    If you worry about these little vibration, i would say it is normal. If there are no other issues (sometimes the pulley-arm get loose) you could release the belt tension and feel if the bearing has play, also take a look at the guide pulley bearing.
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    Fuel pump unit

    This one looks similar Rockauto Ebay
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    BBK 66mm throttle body

    Yes he has tried everything with this BBK boltet on to get a stable idle, but no luck. If the throttle is closed, engine stalls or try to adjust the idle. I am shure this bore is needed, this used tb has it and i saw...
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    BBK 66mm throttle body

    This is our opinion too, but this member of our forum was in contact with BBK and they say the bore is not needed, every time he asked why. So he was not so amused about this behaviour, i think he is a very good mechanic and will set this bore by himself. He likes his OHV, the Explorer became a...
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    BBK 66mm throttle body

    link to picture should work now.
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    BBK 66mm throttle body

    If we are right, this is the only way to get air to the idle air control valve.
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    BBK 66mm throttle body

    thanks for your answer, i am talking about the big bypass bore which is going angular through the body of the OEM throttle body. The BBK 1580 don't have this bore on the intake side, but the bore on the engine side is present. The BBK seal also has this gap, so we asked us what is the reason...
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    BBK 66mm throttle body

    No ideas? The original throttle body was installed again instead of the BBK 1580, now the idle is pefekt.
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    Do the ports behind the water pump connect?

    I would try more water pressure, but the problem will be a tight fit for the garden hoses. Some kind of selfmade adapter would be helpfull. I think you must not remove the thermostat for a water circulation. Maybe blocking the water cooler hoses?
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    1998 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC 2WD Lost reverse

    Maybe the reverse band has broken or the reverse sprag is slipping. Both most common problems with high mileage. Unfortunately the reverse band is located at the inside end of the transmission. Bad information, i know. broken reverse band
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    Do the ports behind the water pump connect?

    I have flushed the cooling system with a electrical water pump but without thermostat housing. There is and must be definately a connection between the two water ports. regards Wolfgang
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    Oil Delivery - Timing Chain Adjusters

    Cheap? This one ist cheap, what are the differences...
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    Oil Delivery - Timing Chain Adjusters

    Maybe use this kit Sometimes some old plastic parts find themselves in the engine oil pickup, this could limit the oil flow. If the front timing chain casette broke again you would see this by...
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    Why is my front driveshaft CV joint smoking?

    Pump is inside the t-case Oil leakage indicates bad sealing rings. Another bad factor of this t-case is a worn out output bearing seat (bearing housing) if it has high mileage. The only way to fix this is a new rear half shell or press in a metal sleeve ring. Wolfgang