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    FIX: Clicking Noise from the rear AC Box!

    Just got back from Advanced Auto Parts. Dorman has released several of these actuators now, so you can get them without going to the stealership!
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    02 Glass Latch Repair

    Hi all, Does anyone have any thoughts on how to repair the latch mechanism cable? The cable has two stays that hook on the frame, and for some inexplicable reason, they're made from plastic, which of course, has dried out and cracked. The ball and cable assembly is fine, it's just the stays...
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    Lift Gate (Glass) Will not open

    Hi all, I've got an issue and I'm not sure how to go about fixing this one. The glass on my liftgate won't open. I can hear the actuator clicking, but the glass won't open even if I try applying pressure. Is there a simple way to hose the mechanism down with lube, or how do you disassemble...
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    AC Charges

    Hi all, searched the forum, but to no avail and the web is even less help unless you need to know where the valve is. I cannot find the PSI that the low side of a ford explorer 2002 xlt with rear air. Does anyone have this data? I'm at 50 psi right now on the home charge kits, and that is...
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    Left Front End Hum

    I'm concerned that this may be my problem, but the sound is pretty consistent throughout driving speed (30-up), no difference in turning. I describe the sound as the way a car sounds going over a draw bridge or on heavily grooved pavement. If i raise the wheel, I don't quite understand the...
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    '02 XLT-Please help rear brakes!!!

    It's super easy to do. Hardest part is getting the e-brakes to release. If you do a search, you will find many threads to help you. Did it myself about three weeks ago. Once you get the e-brakes loose, takes about 30 min total.
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    FIX: Clicking Noise from the rear AC Box!

    a quick note on those thinking about doing this. Our parts dept. told me you need to bring the item in, or know the type of end on the drive shaft(it is a D shape or a # shape) The part number is the same.
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    Calibration Complete? What the heck?

    if you don't have a message center, then it was the compass calibration. You have to do something (I forget) to initiate the process. There are five? zones in the US to determine the magnetic north, and the compass needs to adjust for each one.
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    Got the Uniroyal AWP tires. Super Quiet. Can hear the bearings go bad now :)
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    Battery Cable Crud

    I've always coated each terminal with vasoline after cleaning from that problem, and its never come back. I think az and others sell a little packet of the proper stuff for a buck each. Try it out.
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    My Explorer Stalled-Now What?

    I feel like a broken record on this, but have the timing belts checked. They are plastic parts, and if they have failed, your engine may be going out of time. You can fix them now cheap, or think it's something else like me, and end up replacing the engine. (I may be totally wrong on...
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    Whats the bag for???

    Looked and I have one there, it looks like some kind of insulating pad? (it sits in the center between the heads)
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    2002 Ford Explorer 4.0L broke Chain

    Sorry to break it to you, But it's a motor replacement. The Timing belt is what broke. They are made from many plastic parts, and the plastic gets sucked all over the engine. Yes the valves are damaged, and the pistons get scared pretty well too. It's about 4000-5000 for a mechanic...
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    What to look for

    Timing cartridges are a biggie from the threads that I've read. had to replace an engine because the plastic parts broke at 62000 miles. Thinking about the engine, there was a tick and a rough idle when i purchased the car. Now that the engine has been replaced, smooth as a baby's butt...
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    buying tomorrow....

    Not sure how you could easily check, but there has also been a problem with the timing cartridges in the 02's. Replaced the engine in my 02 this year. Didn't have the car for about four weeks as we went back and forth on getting the engine replaced.
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    3rd row window leak

    yes, everything was off, that's why I started to do it. there were 14 bolts with tin stamped nuts on them. I removed them and pushed as hard as I dared. Had a bad experience once trying to remove a windshield on an old mustang, so I didn't want to break the glass. I thought they had to use...
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    3rd row window leak

    Yet another question. Since I was replacing the rear ac actuator because it clicks (thanks guys for that fix) I thought I would figure out the leak that happens whenever it rains. I am getting water through the drivers side fixed window in the third row. anyone have a guess as to how to...
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    Tranny Rattle

    yes it was, but when I talked with them, they just transfered this part... They did the labor on it for free.
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    Tranny Rattle

    just to update anyone looking, it was the belt tensioner assembly that was rattling. Tom
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    Tranny Rattle

    I doubt it's the timing chain. just spent $5000 replacing the engine from those timing cartridges. Ill put it up tomorrow am and see if anything is loose. Thanks.
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    Tranny Rattle

    Hi all. I feel I know what the problem is, but wanted to seek the help from all. Found an old thread from 05 about this. There is a very loud rattle coming from under my 02 truck when in drive and at idle. the sound goes away when you shift to park, or accelerate. I think there is a...
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    Repair Advice on the dreaded timimg chains.

    Don't Buy Fords Anymore Just thought I would post a follow up to this. I have great respect for the folks on the consumer line, so this is not directed to them, but rather the company as a group of scum bags. Apparently Ford No cares to help their loyal customers. I've owned five fords...
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    Repair Advice on the dreaded timimg chains.

    Hi all, Have a question about my 02 explorer On Saturday, I guess we blew the timing on the vehicle. we have about 63000 miles on the truck The dealer basically wants 6500 to replace the engine. Seems really high to me. esp. for a verbal quote without a tear down. I'm confused about...
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    Huge Electrical Nightmare

    dt 14a1 is the manfacture date of the unit 5284 = Oil pressure switch out of range ------------------ dt 12D1 is the man date of the unit 9202 = Fuel sender open circut 5284 = oil press sw so it seems there is nothing wrong with the cluster for 9202 start by testing for...
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    Huge Electrical Nightmare

    or find a local shop that has one of the better scan tools that can read codes beyond the generic obd codes. if you wanted to check the cluster like the dealer said was bad, lookup the discussion on using the check mode for insturment clusters (hold down the trip/reset while going into run)...