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    92 Explorer Eddie bauer on 32's - Now 35's

    did you have to do any mods to the center of those jeep steelies ? just curious because i was thinking of getting a set for my 94, if i can find them in a 15x8, but dont know
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    1997 ranger tires rims question

    the rubber coil spacers that go between the coils on your spring will probably fall out when your front flexes from side to side. just a thought, happy hunting
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    coil spring spacers

    can i use coil spring spacers off a 90 jeep cherokee xj & put them on my 94 explorer ? i was looking at mounting them on the bottom of the spring. the only thing i could see that i would have to get is a longer bolt to accomidate for the spacer, maybe about 5 inches longer ? just trying to do a...
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    BTF Fabrication Explorer Lift Coil Spacer discussions

    could i use coil spacers off a 90 jeep xj on my 94 x ? theyre about 3" tall, also would need extensions for my shocks as i just replaced them (2 wks ago) & not ready to replace them yet