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  1. BASS


    My Explorer's System
  2. M

    New box time

    May I suggest a box thats slightly larger, for competing with that sub you might wanna go for about 15 cubes, adding length not height, keeping the sub nearer the port. and the port looks like 120sq inches? the box I think, 11.5cubes? the port with the 18" is best around 180sq inches, basically...
  3. M

    Show off your custom boxes!!!!!!!

    woot... boxes? 12 brahma 12 XE i'll be back online later and post my other 4 boxes... 5..
  4. M

    sub box question

    sealant - depends on which brand/quality you use, I use the best silicone there is and it's tack free in 30 minutes and dry in 2 hours, fumes are almost non existant. but there are other ones that are generally cheaper and take up to 2 days to fully dry, you pay for the inconvience. also, a...
  5. M

    Fry the head unit?

    your electronics instructor prolly remembers back in the day and knows nothing of today. go for it, I did it for a year with my alpine 7893, and my 7995 (which doesnt have an internal amp and is meant to be used only for preouts... precisely what you are doing)
  6. M

    Ma Audio- Thumbs Up!

    the only thing I ever suggest to peopel form MA audio are their lower line subs and their 30 band xovers, the other stuff is just not good enough including speakers. their cd player looks sexy though. and naw, they suck for low end, all their subs have a high Fs preventing lowend without...
  7. M

    '02 X Speaker Depth

    well, i've got koda components in my explorer now (but it's totalled) but either way, yea 3/4" MDF spacing will let them fit, and less than 3/4" they will hit the crap behind the speaker pods.
  8. M

    Door Ajar!!!!!!

    lol, yea, i got used to it, but on some frustrating days I'd jam a book or something between the door and the tiny knob that gets pushed in to turn that sound off. but that was my 95' explorer, I don't know about a 2003.
  9. M

    Help from the audio gurus

    kenwood =POS? you don't even know what model he has, it could be the excelon kvt-911, one of the best dvd players on the market. either way don't say something like that without knowing it truely is a POS. yea, always double check wiring and fuses, I can't say how many times i've doubled...
  10. M

    anyone got thrid row seating and 2 15"s?

    well, the deal fell through, I'm without an suv, but at least I can look foward to something possibly without a 3rd row seat, since most explorers don't have it anyhow.
  11. M

    anyone got thrid row seating and 2 15"s?

    well, MB Quart says they can't be used to ported boxes, I simply got all the parameters for the subs from them (since they don't like to publish all their info) and sure enough they were right, but I was able to design a box, tuned low enough, to play them with 1000 watt+ to each safely... and...
  12. M

    anyone got thrid row seating and 2 15"s?

    lol well, I'm well aware of the sub's abilities that I have, currently from my old totalled explorer they were in a huge low freq SPL box, ~11 cu ft, after all displacement including a port of 150 sq inches tuned at 26hz (yes, it was a really long port to make, not to mention it took up 2...
  13. M

    Wow.. Look at this Fiberglass work.. Pics

    but the interior! it's ****ty nsx! thats plain ####ed up.
  14. M

    anyone got thrid row seating and 2 15"s?

    well, since I totalled my 02' XLS, I got more money than I paid from the insurance company... and now i'm looking at an 02' XLT with third row seating... lets just say my birthday is next nsunday (which it is) and I have no choice on the explorer I'm getting... but I once recalled people...
  15. M

    what a sub box does when you crash!

    If you have any sub box securing suggestions for any year and model explorer, please leave them here for people to learn. I totalled my explorer in a multivehicle accident the other day, unfortunately I was at the end of the line of vehicles and all my damage was soley my fault (plus the...
  16. M

    forget 20 how about 28 speakers coming soon

    wow, this is crazy, i remember when you had like.. 8 speakers, damn.
  17. M

    Have you been pulled over for loud music?

    you fool, sounds like you've been here enough to know there's a cop every 10 ft now on atlantic ave. recently it's been freaking cruising at night, cops walk down the street 2 at a time and look into your vehicles as they walk past you, and it f'in sucks, even when you know you are doing nothing...
  18. M

    dad found my stash hidden in my explorer!

    damn, I miss my OLDER 95' explorer xlt, it had a GREAT hiding spot for my herb, under the cup holder, it is held in by clips, and easily pulls out. great spot with lots of room. not sure what to expect from my dad, i'll see him later today after class, surely he's pissed about finding my herb...
  19. M

    Sub replacement question.

    let us know how it goes.
  20. M

    Subwoofer Enclosure

    impressive execution of a design into a real box. most people mess up inbetween there when cutting the wood perfect is important. that ugly gap... take the box out, find that pressure point, belt-sand it down.
  21. M

    Cheap Sound System

    thats what I tried when I got into this stuff... now i've owned: 10", 12", 15" brahmas 18" x.. 10" alpine type R 2 12" infinity perfect 12.2 12" shiva 12" ma audio XE 2 15" MB Quart 315s and built numerous boxes that occupy my garage, as well as the following amps: some ****ty...
  22. M

    94 XLT amp mounting help

    in my old 95' xlt, I installed a simple to make (but painstakingly long time to make) false floor that went up to the box, I covered it in gray carpet that matched the interior, off of ebay. then put the amp in that. i completed several different installs in that vehicle, and the amp had to move...
  23. M

    Light bars?

    walmart's are cheapest.
  24. M

    Question about Ford changers...

    yea, thats a good idea too, I believe alpine is comming out with an ipod compatible aux input, it supposedly interacts with ipod's system. cool. too bad I hate apple. I outta do that too, I'm getting too lazy to change cd's now days. I should buy that 20gig jukebox mp3 player.
  25. M

    Sub replacement question.

    hmm well... no known car audio brands are gonna have a really efficient 8ohm sub thats good sounding, this is prolly the only time in my life i'll reccomend crutchfield, they got tons of OEM speakers that would fit your application, and they are pretty cheap.