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    Moved on from an Explorer but not a goodbye

    I must join in on those that have moved on from an Explorer. However, that moving on does not incluse leaving the Ford family. We traded the Explo for a DEMO model 2019 Ranger Lariat fully loaded. The Explo was in for yet another issue at the dealers & they provided us a Ranger as a loaner...
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    Door handle 2016

    I also needed to have the outside door handles repainted. At first, the dealers body shop wouldn't repaint under warranty. I called Ford. Explained the situation, was placed on hold. When she came back on the call I was given a case number, told to see the service manager & he would take...
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    License plate LED interference

    Those LED lights are the exact same ones I have installed in my 17 XLT. They have been in place for well over a year & I have had zero camera interference. I especially like the way they light up not only the plate but the area surrounding the plate as well.
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    Interior door handle - chrome coming off

    Still under that warranty. Was told not warrantable. Should I CK with a different dealer?
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    Interior door handle - chrome coming off

    I don't specifically have an answer on your interior door handle, but my 17 XLT was just at the dealer for the seat track recall & I pointed out that the exterior body color front door handles show signs of the primer under the paint beginning to show. The body shop told me that it's not a...
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    Static in front speakers

    Any update on this 'distortion' issue? My Explo goes in tomorrow for the seat recall issue and also the front door handles appear to be pitting.
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    Time for tires

    I second Jon M on the BFG Advantage T/A Sport Tire. Very quiet, smooth ride. Holds the corners very well, especially up here in the Western North Carolina mountains.
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    Bluetooth issues with Sync 3

    I used to have the S7 and it would disconnect at times. Also, when using WAZE, the map names were teeny tiny, almost unreadable. Since my S7 was losing charge all the time, I upgraded to the Google Pixel 3XL. Difference of night & day. No more disconnects and the WAZE map images are much larger.
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    Time for tires

    I had 4 BF GOODRICH Advantage T/A Sport LT 255/50R/20XL tires installed today at Andy Shaw Ford in Sylva, NC. The ride home from the dealership was smooth, quiet, and comfortable. At 65 mph, there was no tire noise and the Explorer took the mountain curves with ease. The tread depth appears to...
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    Rear Suspension Toe Link Recall

    I had the toe link recall done this past Thursday at Andy Shaw Ford in Sylva, NC. They also did a four wheel alignment. I asked for & received a copy of all the work performed. In addition, I also asked for an honest evaluation of the original equipment Hankookrap tires as I suspected that at...
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    Static in front speakers

    On occasion, my 17 XLT will also produce a distorted sound (I'm not sure static is right terminology) when the chimes begin, & this can occur even without an engine start but just by pressing the start/stop button. My front & rear door speakers have been upgraded (not center speaker, not yet...
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    Sync 3 - No GPS or AM/FM Radio ?

    That I cannot answer. I was going to suggest looking at the acquiring signal issue, but that is for 2018's.
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    Sync 3 - No GPS or AM/FM Radio ?

    Just a thought on Sirius - even without an active subscription, I believe there is a test channel available to tune to.
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    Explorer Audio upgrade(s)

    When you say "Replaced all" does that include the center dash speaker as well? And if so, how difficult was that one to replace? It is the only one I haven't replaced.
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    LED Back-up reverse lights

    I emailed Mormoto & they advised that the LED BULBS 7440: MORIMOTO X-VF are what's needed for backup bulb replacement on our explorers. And I can see why because in addition to the spot LED out the rear of the bulb, they also have LED's on the sides which I would think would make use of the...
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    How to: Explorer LED Interior swap + Puddle Lamps DIY

    I've done most of that also, but, I haven't been able to do the glove box. It's not for lack of trying either. I just cannot pull out the existing bulb. It's like it's glued in or something!
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    LED Back-up reverse lights

    Did you purchase the 921/T15 bulbs?
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Speaking of Forscan & forum members, are there any Forscan users in Tampa Bay area? I'd love to change some settings, like lane change from 3 to 5 or 6, perhaps a couple of others as well. I'm just not willing to trust my vintage Windows Vista laptop & my extremely knowledgeable computer...
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    Problem with rear license plate bracket

    Perhaps a sturdy frame around the plate would suffice, or, maybe add self stick rubber bumpers to back of plate or onto existing bumpers.
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    Another MPG thread

    LOL: Isn't this (Minnesootah) spelled incorrectly? I thought it's MINNESNOWTA!!! LOL
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    Explorer Audio upgrade(s)

    That Pioneer sub makes a big difference but I also upgraded the 6 door speakers. Never crossed my mind about the center speaker but don't need to now. I agree, the factory sound system is very poor at best.
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    Has anyone got the Cargo Security Shade?

    Buy yourself two large, black bath towels. That's all you need.
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    Intelligent Access Door Handle Not Working

    One other consideration to keep in mind. I use a credit card wallet that prevents my chip cards from being read while they are inside the wallet. This I keep in my side pocket where I also keep my key fob. If the fob gets behind the wallet, the signal doesn't make it to the IA. After moving the...
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    How to: Explorer LED Interior swap + Puddle Lamps DIY

    Not at all. Ordering was as easy as any other site.
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    Explorer Audio upgrade(s)

    Just an observation, but on my 17 XLT, there is under the front seats heat ducting. Does the Limited not have this or do you never get Cold In Philly - LOL. Also, if you do not use the 3rd row seating, why not put those amps directly aft of the 2nd row seating.