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  1. K

    91 Exploder, Bunch of problems. HELP!

    All indications point to your wheel bearings. First thing to check is to lift your tire up and see if you can move/shake it. If there is movement on the tire in any direction (in/out), your bearings are shot. They are not hard to replace and the bearings are relatively inexpensive, abut $20 a...
  2. K

    where do i find traffic violation codes?

    This is where we can look up all kinds of codes in CA, Dead Link Removed I'm sure NY has a site like this. Do a search for NY Vehicle Codes.
  3. K


    Daniel - I didn't install it, I had a shop installed it for me. It was a Powertrax No-Slip unit. Others here have installed it themselves because they felt comfortable doing it and said it didn't take too much time and was pretty simple. Depending on where you buy the unit from, I think...
  4. K


    Sounds like a good explanation to me. I have been wrong plenty of times before! That's what's best about this board, if you're wrong, someone will point it out w/o sarcasm and insults.
  5. K

    Explorer really a rollover risk???

    There have been lots of studies and basically everyone blames the others - tire, truck, driver, etc.!!! I think you just have to take it upon yourself to educate yourself, drive with the proper tire pressure, get good tires, pay attention to the road NOT the kids or other distractions while...
  6. K


    Yes, we can all agree to disagree, that's the best part! Anyway, if you have an open front differential and a LS rear differential, if one of your rear wheels is spinning, that means you have exceeded the capability of the LS and all your power is going to that one slipped wheel. Even if your...
  7. K

    Explorer Rubicon!!!

    Very true!
  8. K

    Explorer Rubicon!!!

    I think Ford could use the old Explorer Sport and revive it with some mods to make it trail ready like Jeep. Loose all the unecessary stuff like leather, moonroof, sound deadening/proofing, lighten up the vehicle and slap on some 32". I bet ARB would love to have their lockers on a mass produced...
  9. K

    Explorer Rubicon!!!

    Their website says it has Dana 44's front and rear with an upgrade transfer case with 4.10 ratio and electric/pneumatic lockers. The thing even comes with the stamped metal siding as standard equipment and M/T tires! Check out their site for more details ( and look for Wrangler...
  10. K

    Explorer Rubicon!!!

    We can all dream can't we. If Jeep can make a mass produced Jeep Rubicon with front & rear electric lockers, 31" tires, Dana 44s, etc. and comes with a factory warranty for 70k miles, why can't Ford do the same!!! Seems like the Jeep Rubicon is ready to rock right out of the show room...
  11. K


    Daniel - Sounds like somebody weren't prepared!!! Your vehicle is more capable than you may think. You just have to learn the capabilities of your vehicle before trying on different adventures! About wheeling in sand: air down your tires between 6-8psi. The low tire pressure will allow...
  12. K

    This is REDICULOUS

    Tev21 - If your truck was stolen why would you even want the key to the truck back? Follow the opinions from the others here: Don't pay for services that you did not receive. Also file a claim with their insurance company and yours and double check with your insurance company, if you have...
  13. K

    Time to say Good Bye

    Jim - Thanks, that's what I'm afraid of, is getting the bug but not being able to do anything about it for a few years. I'll just have to plan things out in my head and when my boys are older - we can make it a family project, hopefully my wife will buy that reason!!! Positive Vibes - Thanks...
  14. K

    Time to say Good Bye

    Thanks for all the well wishes guys. In case anyone ever want to place their vehicles on sale, try placing it on I placed an ad for the Explorer there and it was sold in 4 days, at asking price.
  15. K

    Time to say Good Bye

    Well folks - It has been such a pleasure to be associated with such a great group of people on this Board. Unfortunately, my priorities have shifted and I won't be doing any more exploring for a long while. I was great to meet with people from this board at various places and also the...
  16. K

    Bought the ring, picking it up today

    PekingMan - Congrats on the big move!!! One word "PATIENCE". Always remember that if you remember nothing else. LStoudenmire - Your way may be wrong at times (or most of the time) but the MRS is NEVER wrong. You ought to know that by now!!! :nono: Heck, my wife will never admit that she...
  17. K

    hollister hills?

    Hey Ray/BAExploder - That sounds like a good trip. I wish I can hook up with you guys and take a ride in one of your rigs but priorities have changed for me with the kids. Yeap, two boys now (one is almost 2 yrs and one is 3 months)! Looks like I have a buyer for the '00 XLT so no more...
  18. K


    You could always save your original air filter box and re-install it when it's time for smog check. Lots of people here in CA that uses the KKM do that. That's what I'm doing on mine. A little noisier but the response is instantaneous.
  19. K

    BFG AT KO at Costco

    Maniak - They have always carried BFG MT but they stopped carrying the BFG AT KO when it was redesigned - something about the price guaranty, so for the longest time people have to buy the AT KOs from other tire stores, until now. Yeah, the store will not install the larger tires on a...
  20. K

    BFG AT KO at Costco

    If anyone is interested - Costco carries the new BFG AT KO's now. I saw a price of $114.99 for a 31" x 10.5" x 15".
  21. K

    tansfer case stuck in 4 wheel drive low

    This may sound trivial but have you tried it with the engine on, gear in neutral, and then press the low range button? That is the only way to activate and deactivate if everything is supposed to work as designed.
  22. K

    No Wakeboarding ? No problem..Use your X

    Nice!!! There was a commercial here in CA like that but with an Audi AWD and another one with a Volvo with a hanglider. If we do that on the beaches here, the rangers/cops would throw us in jail so fast for damaging the environment and threaten the wildlife!
  23. K

    What Kind of Car Ticks You Off the Most??

    Any kind of vehicles that is driven by a kept wife driving their kids to some kind of practice/rehearsal/class. They are busy screaming at their kids and not pay any attention to the roads and some how they all think they own the roads and everyone have to get out of their way!!! BTW - I...
  24. K

    AZTEC Off-Road in Hollister

    Hey fellow Aztec Owners - Let's get together this weekend for an exciting adventure down at Hollister, CA. We can show the world what an Aztec can do. Them J**pers, Ford trucks, GM trucks are not the real thing, the Aztec is king, it rules. Why, in its basic form, it can skip, bounce over any...
  25. K

    Kennesaw Mountain Bumper

    There was a group purchase post of the Kennesaw Bumpers last year by me. Unfortunately, my tax refund was not enough so I dropped the idea and I no longer have the '91 EB. There were prices and discount information on the post if anyone else is interested in pursuing a group purchase.