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    YEP....another 06 radiator leak...any solutions to this problem?

    I had same problem on my '06. Changed out t-stat to one with about 20-30 degrees less than stock, and replaced cap to one with a lower opening temp. Haven't had any problems for about 10 years now. Hope this helps.
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    led headlights

    Look up "Headlight Revolution". That company has a great video you need to watch. Then, just pick out the ones you want to buy. They also state that LED's are illegal for street use. But when you get them delivered and get ready to install 'em, make sure you "clock" them correctly. Or else they...
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    YEP....another 06 radiator leak...any solutions to this problem?

    I had same problem on my '06. Bought a new radiator and replaced thermostat with one that was 20°cooler. Put about 200,000 miles on it since then with no problems.
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    06 explorer

    Like "Willied" said, check that granny really good. I was told by a tyranny mechanic that those transmissions are notorious for shifting problems starting around 150,00 miles. Had to have my '06 tranny (2x4) rebuilt around 210,000. Mostly hiway driving, but wanted to keep it. Got around 325,000...
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    '06 XLT throwing P0193 code

    Driving down the hiway and light on dash comes on. Check it when I get home, and pull a "P0193" code, "Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High". Vehicle running fine, just the light. '06 XLT 4.0 engine, 5R55S tranny. Here's the info I pulled: Control Module Voltage = 13.839V EGR Error = -49%...
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    AC compressor not coming on.

    I'm having the same problem. Please scan the image and post it here.
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    Loud bang, now lower gas mileage !!!

    It's on topic as far as I'm concerned, and it's something I didn't know. Also, I was gonna change the fuel filter, spark plug wires, coolant hoses and go to a 16 lb radiator cap. And repair a coolant leak somewhere around my thermostat housing. Can't tell where the leak is, but I understand...
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    Loud bang, now lower gas mileage !!!

    Well, the vehicle's digitial readout used to say I was getting about 17 MPG, now it down to 14's-15.1.
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    Loud bang, now lower gas mileage !!!

    This one has me stumped: I have a 2006 Explorer, V6 4.0, 5 speed auto trans, w/ 130,000 mi. I replaced the oil and filter at about 127,000 mi. Also changed plugs at that time w/ Iridium plugs (that was the first time and none broke off, lucky me), changed front disk pads and checked all fluids...
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    2006 spark plug boots

    Hey guys, I have a 2006 XLT /4.0. Trying to change plugs. Got them all out on drivers side, but am having a hard time on the 3 on passenger side. Can hardly get my big fat hands in there to pull the boots off. Anyone got a trick for getting those boots off. Sprays, tools, etc? Thanks for your...