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    Miles Per Gallon?????

    All this moaning makes me fell a little better. The Commander that I'm driving now will get just over 20 crusing on the highway @ 65 or so. It's got the 5.7 Hemi with MDS.
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    Texas Lost High Way Route 87

    I'll try to make it up there. This is about the only beach that I have not covered yet, and the old road bed looks like fun.
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    any one in the dfw area know......

    Look into private parks like katemcy rocks, long ranch, ect... They are pay to play, but legal.
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    Coleto Creek

    Sunday is fine. Where do you want to meet up?
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    Coleto Creek

    I am going to go out for a while this weekend if anyone is interested. I'm planning on Saturday, but could switch to Sunday. If anyone wants to go we can mee up in Victoria and head out.
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    Kris Guilbeaux' 1992 Explorer XLT project is Home

    Looks good. Give me a ring whenever you want to test it out.
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    Coleto Creek

    Just checking to see if anyone might want to head out there one day over the X-mas break. I've got off from the 12-20 to 1-7, so just about anytime except between the 25th and the 29th will work. It is mostly the same as in the past, but the muddy spots in the trees and around 446 are a...
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    You are right, there might not have been a textbook "reason" to ask students to move. I'd tell them to move because my schools is kind of rough. Kids in groups are likely to be selling drugs or fighting. It might not happen all the time or with each group of students, but it does happen. If...
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    As a teacher, I can say that the quickest way for a student to end up in a world of pain is to be a cry baby and not take what is given to them. I deal with little turds who screw up on a daily basis and then ***** and moan and blubber about how the world is so unfair the second they finally...
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    TEXANS Serious about Slabs run.

    Bocktoberfest Crap, I just realized that is the same weekend as Bocktoberfest in Shiner. Um... it is going to be a tough call.
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    TEXANS Serious about Slabs run.

    I'd like to go, if no one objects to me showing up in a Jeep.
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    TEXANS Serious about Slabs run.

    I'd like to go, if no one objects to me showing up in a Jeep.
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    Devils Den San Antonio Texas

    Sounds like a plan. Do you care if I pick a friend of mine up in Cuero?
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    Devils Den San Antonio Texas

    Kris, let me know when you are leaving Victoria. I'll follow you up there in my TJ.
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    WTB: Spacers for front coil springs

    I've got a set of the f-150 spacers that are just sitting in the shop. $20 plus shipping sound fair? You can e-mail me at or give me a ring at 361-318-0071.
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    Poll: Which brand lights?

    I like the old fasion KC's. They have a classic look and put out more than enough light. KC will replace anything - including the bulbs - for 23 years without question. You can't really go wrong with a company that does that.
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    Coleto Creek spring break run

    The ZR-2 guys are going to be heading out to the creek again on the 14th. It's just south of Victoria, Texas for those who are interested. Sorry about the short notice, but I still thought there might be a couple of takers. I'll be out in the 'plorer to try to show the chevy guys up a bit...
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    33's 32's or 31's??

    another option? I like the 325/60's (31x13.00) BFG's that are under my X. They are nice and wide (11 inches of rubber on the ground), tall enough to look good, and did not require a change of gears. I'm running 4 inches of lift, but should fit with a 1 1/2 suspension (coils or springs in...
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    I bought the rest of the lift from RangerX about a year ago - he is real good to work with. Shipping was a bunch so he dropped the price a little. Great guy and good deal.
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    RTI about 650 good?

    That kinda what I thought, now I can shoot for more. Fourwheeler listed a '92 Ford Explorer 4-dr. w/Superlift 4-inch lift at 492, so I was thinking mine was not all that bad. At least I still can play with it some and make it better. A real ramp might work a little different, too. I'd like...
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    quick disconects ?

    Do they have a little bend in them? \ | | / Sorta like that? Take the top or bottom halves off and rotate them 180. / | | / You might pick up the bit of space you need.
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    RTI about 650 good?

    Got a chance to play around with a forklift this afternoon. Pulled up the PF 24 inches before PR started to lift. Pulled PR up about 25.5 inches, then DR started to lift. Threw the #'s in a RTI formula and it spit out 629 and 668. The wheel base for a 92 4 door is 111.6, right?That was...
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    South Texas Easy Run Victoria, Tx

    It less than 2 feet deep, but I wanted to get up the bank and gassed it. As you can see, I went down rather than up. That was the only time I had to get strapped and yanked. The ZR-2 guys did get stuck more, but only because they were goofing around.
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    South Texas Easy Run Victoria, Tx

    Creek Pictures These are from one of the ZR-2 guys that went with us, but a couple of times our explorers sneek into the shot. He has a bunch of pics up - if anyone was wondering what the creek is like just look through them.
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    missing tire?

    Umm... the hole was too deep and the ledge was too steep, resulting in a little problem.