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    Budget Solid Engine and Transmission Mounts!

    Hey! this is my first build/upgrade thread, i know that there's a few write ups about engine mounts and transmission mounts, but they didn't really pertain to what i was wanting to do so i just thought it might be a good idea to post this just in case anyone else is interested in what i did...
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    M5OD crazy rattling noise

    Hey diggin up an old thread i know! but i have the same issue with my transmission too! its annoying.. sounds like a low speed 1" impact gun... but im just curious if you might have gotten this fixed? what was the problem and how much did it set you back?.. in the mean time ill keep searchin
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    How To: Early Bronco Style Solid Axle Swap

    Great write up! will be using this soon! Might be gettin my hands on a complete D44 from a '77 bronco. just wondering is that considered an EB axle, or is it full width? it has disc brakes too
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    moderate budget 4L rebuild questions

    obesepolice - I only want an extra 40-50hp not 200hp (if unclear) i'm basically doing a stock rebuild with a few additions, its my DD so nothing fancy. i'm gonna run 90tm pistons, 95tm heads, 410 cam and longer rods and stock valve train, BBK 66mm TB and bigger maf, Port the heads and intake...
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    Xeek's '91 - September 2012 TOTM

    haha that PCV filter is awesome lol that front diff whats it out of? is it 5bolt? and is it wider then your rear diff?.. also right quick im having trouble finding your build tread for your engine.
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    moderate budget 4L rebuild questions

    Hmm ok i've been doin that, and i'd do a 5L swap but i dont like that weight, or the extra cost to swap a 5spd tranny in for 4x4. i'd like to stick to my v6 and my 5spd lol which i herd are pretty good at handling a few extra hp if in mint shape. plus i know that the 4Ls are from the factory...
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    moderate budget 4L rebuild questions

    Hey! so i know it might be posted somewhere but i dont think anyone understands what i'm trying to figure out. i've asked various sources and i keep getting different answers and so on.. so anyways! i need to rebuildl myspare 4L OHV for my '94 ranger i also want to do some performance upgrades...
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    Hey! new on this forum

    Hi i'm Josh! i drive a '94 Ranger XLT supercab 4X4. It has 6" BDS lift and 32X11.5 BFG M/Ts :) all work is done myself except for the diff rebuilds lol