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    Offroad lights

    i mounted 4 of them on my roof rack. just drilled holes in the front luggage rack and mounted them pics r in sig
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    Summer Meet In Nashvile

    ill be there just b sure to bring extra SXC stickers i need 1
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    Summer Meet In Nashvile

    count me in then. just IM me on yahoo under tnstringbean when u figure out what time so ill know. thanx
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    Any Nashville area folks?

    welcome to the volunteer state GA. i live in Pulaski, about 1 1/2 hrs south of nashville. there are a few places down here to go wheelin. check out or ive been to both and their great. theres also another park in waco called twisted...
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    Summer Meet In Nashvile

    hey im only 1 1/2 hrs away from nashville just let me know the details and ill b there
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    Drivers side headlight

    my LOM did the same thing so i bought a new one from ford dealer and it only cost me $75
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    my pics are in signature
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    got new pics of my truck up i finally got some full size pis of my truck and its actually clean. :D here it is...
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    What do you do for a living?

    im a logger/log truck driver i do it all from standing timber to deliverin the logs
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    wheres all the tennessee explorers

    hey yall im in pulaski tn. my ex is in link after goin to whoolys off road park in lynnville.
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    nope it dont rub much but i had to cut bout an inch of fender off but its behind the runnin boards so it dont look bad. ill clean it up and get some pics sometime. i went muddin again this weekend and about drowned it. was drivin thru a pond and it got really deep really quick. i didnt vapor...
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    it works! thanx 96limitedx
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    my truck after wheelin sorry its so small was taken with a camera phone
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    nope didnt work sorry will get some money put on debit card and go elite. been plannin on it anyhow.
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    lets see if this works
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    i need an address 2 send it to
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    ok i got a pic after wheelin but i need someone to post it for me msg me on yahoo and ill send it 2 you
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    speed and shifting..

    i dont really know how to describe it i guess like the motor is straining to turn the bigger tires. i have 5.0 awd so i wouldnt think the tires would strain the motor that much. i still have good power just sounds like the motor is strainin a little.
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    speed and shifting..

    97v8, when you put your 33's on did your motor seem to lug afterwards? i put 33x12.50x15's on mine and it sounds like the motor is lugging. and my gas mileage dropped from 19 mpg to bout 10 mpg. but the truck does great off road! :D
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    Brutal Gas Mileage

    dont feel bad man i was gettin 20mpg avg according 2 my info center in console before my new tires now i avg 10.9 mpg but i went from stock to 33's
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    yea i do have some sag in back but its only bout 1/2" lower, still gonna get AAL just forgot 2 mention it. gotta pay other bills b4 i spend more $$ on the ex. workin on pics will get asap prob this weekend were goin 2 wheelin in the country in summertown. bringin camera this time. anybody close...
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    i havent been able 2 get them yet will figure out a way 2 post em when i get some gotta borrow my brothers digital cam
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    hey y'all i finally got my 33's on

    thats right i finally got em on. i did a TT and shackles and had to pull my running boards off, but they fit and im drivin. Gotta get a body lift now so i can put runnin boards back on. Done been to wheelin in the country on new years day and went to whoolys off road this weekend. Had a blast...
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    Headlamp question

    i bought a new LOM from ford dealer and a new one was $75. next time ill fix it. i couldve almost bought my body lift with that $$ but it fixed it so im happy
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    bird chirp -- water pump?

    i have the same bird chirp on my 97 EB 5.0. my neighbor and i got out this morning and we think its the power steering pump. not for sure though havent changed anything yet. let me know what u find out if u fix before i do