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    rear body panel crack? who has it!!

    thats pretty sweet. lucky you... btw i looked the other day at the piece and removed the plastic molding inside and i didnt see any way to remove that piece, no screws no nothing, just the lock thing for the glass. if you would ever be so kind can you take pictures of when you replace it?
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    2005 Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 (throttle body and cold air intake) HELP!!!

    you know fyi i have noticed that the 02 and 04 4.0L and the 04-05 4.0L have different throttle bodies. The 04's and up are smaller than the 02-03's. So.... saying that, did you return that TB spacer? I am willing to take it off your hands if the price is resonable.
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    low catalyst and running issues

    Sorry for pulling this thread back up, but I too am having the same code that comes up. I will read/clear the code with my scanner,and then it will come back up after two weeks or so of driving. This has been going on now for 2-3 months now. I defently have noticed a huge power difference in...
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    sub box

    well first off, what speaker are you using and how many?
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    Transmission Problem

    okay great... thanx for the advice. im going to see if i feel like doing it this weekend, if not then i will have to salvage some money and pay to get it done. (damn wedding expensices is sucking up all my extra cash)
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    Mtx help!

    It sound like your amp is on its way. But I would check all connections, at the speakers, check the wires, and everything at the amp. There might be a short in one of the speakers, you may have pinched a wire with the chassis of the car, or something at the amp is touching. Look into all those...
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    Transmission Problem

    what is the difficulty in changing the fluids and filter on the tranny? is it like the regular oil in the car?
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    Transmission Problem

    Hello all, I have an 03' explorer with 108,000 miles. I bought it used with about 62k miles from a ford dealer. I dont know if they ever did a tranny flush on the truck, but I know that my tranny is starting to act up. Its sluggish when you want to take off, and when you stop at a stop sign and...
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    Almost a recall???????

    I got a Service Engine Light... What is it for? i read this little article, and i cannot see how the car can go into reverse unless the linkage broke....
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    Steering wheel radio or audio controls

    do you have the stock stereo installed in the car? Only reason I ask because i know with my Alpine stereo it is not compatable, some other models are compatable. If you have the stock stereo installed, I would remove it and check that all connections are plugged in securely.
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    Front wheel bearings

    i was able to remove all 3 bolts and then with the hub puller the hub came right out with some persuation.
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    rear body panel crack? who has it!!

    When mine started i saw that the paint was starting to spider out a little bit and then it progressivly got worse... and then the crack started.
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    Brake light keeps coming on in my dash, then dissapears?

    I had the same issue but mine was saying low brake fluid on the display and it happened lot. I just couldnt take it anymore, and I knew that I had brake fluid. It ended up being a sensor right after the master cylinder was faulty, replaced it and called it a day. Havent seen that stupid light on...
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    Front wheel bearings

    I ended up replacing one font hub with the 3 hub bolts. I didnt order from Rock Auto, I ordered mine from a local autoparts store from my area, and they where included. Good luck with the removal, I suggest getting the LARGE hub puller and a numatic gun makes it alot faster and easier.
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    rear body panel crack? who has it!!

    My panel is cracked aswell. It has been like this for over a year now. I cant stand looking at it everyday. I called my ford dealer once and they wanted something crazy for the repair. I am going to call that number and but in a complaint. I believe that ford should take full responsibility...
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    Lights Behind The Grille

    if you can find pictures from ghoster here on the site, he did a billet grill and through behind the grill 2 HUGE fog lights. It looks really good and super clean. Also i agree with you that the EB looks clean with nothing on it... well i couldnt find ghoster's post but here is another...
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    Rear wheels not spinning easily

    if its your rear, then it defently sounds like its the adjudters on the drum brake assembly. there are 2 ways you can adjust that. 1st drive the car in reverse and brake to a stop, and go a short distance and stop ans repeat this like 3 or 4 times. this allows the adjusters in the drums to...
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    Where did you mount your ballasts??

    same thing here, i mounted it between the battery and the fender wall. Its been there for well over a year now and still strong.
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    supercharger is installed!!!

    that sux. when you finally put the new s/c I defentl like to hear about the results. I am very anxuious to know what kind of number the explorer will be putting out.
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    tach wire for remote starters

    I took my tach from the ignition coil pack in the engine bay. I for got which wire it was, but it was real easy i took my meter and measured which wire had really low voltage (millivolts).
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    supercharger is installed!!!

    EVLSPL did you ever get to tune and dyno your explorer yet with the supercharger?
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    supercharger is installed!!!

    with the 2.8 pully how uch boost are you expected to get. Also with the stock pully do you feel a considerable amount of power difference. Just asking because for 2g's you get about 3lbs of boost, which means you have a hp gain of probably 30hp. I am not tring to talk you down, I am just...
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    supercharger is installed!!!

    2g's for a s/c... thats not a bad price at all. cant wait to hear and see what it puts out. btw you have the 4.0L engine right?
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    Low profile sub

    jl is over rated if you ask me..... plus your not gonna get a ton of bass out of those subs, so i think your better off and save the money and get one of those pioneers or mtxs as i was refering to above.
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    Low profile sub

    actually pioneer makes a low profile sub. its about 3.5" deep, and the box requirements are relativly small. I dont remember the exact model number but i do believe that it is on pioneers website. also im not 100% sure but i do think mtx makes one too. BTW the power handeling on these subs...