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  1. J

    How to: Explorer 3rd row delete & police package install

    oustanding write up ,But I wish I had not read it Because now I want to do it LOL I even found a wrecked PIU at a pull a part by me need to go look if the parts are still there!!! UGH WHAT HAVE YOU DONE HAHA
  2. J

    How to: 2011+ Grille Removal with pictures

    before I knew about this site I looked on youtube for the how-to,I pulled my chrome grill off but chose semi-gloss spray paint instead of the dip a friend did his Dodge charger and his seems to be a dust magnet. I left the 2 chrome strips and blacked out the grill, love the look of it...
  3. J

    how to tap into headlight wiring 2016 sport?

    Thank you, SIR !!! I think you have solved my foglight issue, I installed a new headlight switch with the fog light switch I put in some aftermarket Foglights and wanted to run to the BCM. when I push the switch I hear a "Click" which I assume is the relay in the BCM with that site I was able...
  4. J

    Can I put 2013 Sport 20x9 wheels on 2012 Base Model

    you would need to go in and adjust tire size in the computer so your speedometer will read correctly you can use Forscan or a dealer can change it in like less than 5 minutes should not be a big issue.
  5. J

    Adding Fog Lights on Base Pre 2016 Model

    Ok, I need help !! I bought a kit off eBay and it works with a separate switch.I bought an OEM headlight switch with the fog light button I hooked it up and when I push the button for fog lights I can hear something "click" Relay under the dash Maybe the BCM? What I need help on is if I wire...
  6. J

    Where can I get a GOOD ELM327 reader?

    I bought this from Amazon and it works great with my Forscan I plug it into my laptop and have changed a few things so far and only 17 bucks
  7. J

    12 Volt Solutions Remote Start Kit??

    hello I got a remote start from, Paul the owner has some great videos to help install.I had it in and running on my 2014 explorer in less than 30 mins total cost 79 bucks he will flash the fort1 evo to what you want you can do lock 3x or I chose lock unlock lock to stop the horn...
  8. J

    Ford Explorer: Are Your Rear Brakes Dragging... Most Likely Yes!

    I saw this video right after I bought my 2014 Explorer and sure enough my rear brakes were dragging, I took everything apart cleaned it up and added the anti-seize to the required areas and been doing great so far, while I was doing it I did replace all the clips and put new boots on the slide rod
  9. J

    hello Everyone

    Been a Ford fan for many years, I currently own a 2003 P71 Crown Vic Police Interceptor and just bought a 2014 Ford Explorer .been lurking here for a while I thought it was time to join