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    Crank Bolt pattern, 6/8?

    Is far as I know , only the Cobra , and manual trans Mach 1 had the 8 bolt crank . Everything from the rest of the 4.6 engine family will bolt to it .
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    Anyone know if the 4.0L ignition is Waste Spark design?

    That is a good sign the coil is on it's way out
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    No start with key

    I believe that is a chipped key .
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    Engine cranks/turns over but won't start

    If it started with starting fluid , it is a fuel problem , as in pump. Some ford installed pumps last for ever , and some not .
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    Swap 3.73 Open Differential with 3.73 Limited Slip?

    The swap to the limited slip , would not hurt anything .
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    Help !!!! 4x4 high light flashing

    I had the flashing 4x4 hi light . Counted the flashes , and I had 7 or maybe it was 8 flashes . Then it quits for a moment , and flashes again . I had a bad transmission , it was failing , not shifting to 2nd or 3rd gear , so sorry I cant remember . I replaced the transmission with a low mile...
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    Help !!!! 4x4 high light flashing

    Count the flashes , and that is your code .
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    2002 5R55S Transmission Interchange...

    You sir are half way on track Only second gear ,according to your post has a different ratio. And that is not a huge difference either . The computer monitors vehicle speed , throttle position and engine load , to process the transmission thru the appropriate gear . And I am certain , you have...
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    2002 5R55S Transmission Interchange...

    Again i believe the changes were hardware , not gear ratio . The computers in our fords ar self learning as in adaptive learning , so a gear ratio change will not effect it .
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    2002 5R55S Transmission Interchange...

    I used an 05 , in my 04 , with no problems . I don't think there is a gear ratio change , but an upgrade in hardware , between the years .
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    Diagnosing coolant in cylinder

    No sir , dirty has no bearing on if they are warped You can check them with a carpenter's square if you have one , and a set of feeler gauges .
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    Diagnosing coolant in cylinder

    Torque to yield bolts require replacement when you remove them .
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    Brake lamp switch

    Ford parts , amazon sells them
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    Fair Market Value for 2004 Eddie Bauer

    Wth 3rd row seating , they run around 5500 here in Oregon
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    O/D off light flashing

    The flashes , will tell you the code , to begin your trouble shooting .
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    How to make your Ford Explorer steering column telescope PICS

    I really wish the pictures would show from these old post, as there is no longer a picture for reference.
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    updates on my Ranger

    Tires are made by Cooper, I have them on my Ranger aswell.
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    Grinding from transfer case

    I will speculate you have a bad universal joint in the front drive shaft.
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    headlight adjustment

    between the grill and core support , at the bottom of the lamp assy. the lower one is for the verticle aim , upper is the horizontal .
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    4 hi indicator lights

    Thank you . Today I was messing around while in the driveway , and turned the 4x4 high switch on , and off a couple of times ,and the dim lamp went out , has been out all day . I also notices that the indicator lamp on the ECM , at the driver side jump seat was not illuminated , so I pushed...
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    4 hi indicator lights

    thanks Derocka I appreciate your reply . I am not in a position to question your response , just want to clear this up in my head . If the high range lite is being dimly lit , from as you said , a ghost signal , why is the low lamp also not lit ? I have rebuilt the entire front end ...
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    4 hi indicator lights

    I have a 94 Ranger , 4.0 4x4 , everything works , but my question is , At times I can see the small indicator , beside the switch , is faintly glowing , while in 2 wheel drive. When I engage 4 high , the light glows brightly . There is no problem with the low range indicator lamp ...
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    hanging idle

    I just unplugged the Idle air motor , and everything is back to normal , will replace with new on payday . Thanks and no I didn't get any codes
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    hanging idle

    I have a 91 Explore , w/ 5 speed . Between shifts the idle hangs around 2500 ,,,,,I find no vacumn leaks , everything appears connected correctly , just won't drop rpm between shifts . I have recently done an engine swap , installed a wrecking yard 4.0 from a 95 and trans from a 98...
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    limited auto ride

    that will not result in the same operation ,