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    Reformulated gas and gas milage

    In California my wife and I have noted a seasonal fluxuation in gas milage depending on the oxygenation process which reduces milage and yes 2-3mpg is what we noticed. Don't know what effect it has on the air but it costs more to drive and makes more taxes for the government. rc
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    Experts, Show your stuff

    I'm no expert but problems don't just come out of the blue for no reason. Unfortunately nobody will put the attention to detain into fixing your car like you. That's why I don't take a car to anybody for anything if I can all avoid it. Did they really change that regulator twice or are they...
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    thurn the key and all I hear is click click click

    red, my ford trucks have been reliable. It's that damn contour my wife has that in my opinion is not very durable and a B!tch to work on. Jeeps are the ones with the notorious electrical problems but it sounds like you have had a sorry ass mechanic working on your car fixing anything and...
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    Road Trip Report

    I've Just Turned 110K and purchased it at 94K. It was in worse condition than I first thought given the lipservice of the original owner and assurances that it had just been fully serviced. First thing I did was flush the tranny which was full of black crap. I installed new brake pads, rotors...
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    P.S. If you plan to do any work yourself, buy a Haynes manual for your vehicle at Autozone. For $15 it will pay for itself the first time you use it. rc
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    Dealers Rip Dealers often charge double what an independent shop would charge. Here is my suggestion. Only have ford do the transmission service if they will replace ALL the fluid in the system including the torque converter. If they are just going to drop the pan and change the filter...
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    re-filling coolant sys

    P.S. Use distilled water with your antifreeze now and save yourself trouble down the road. Distilled water will greatly reduce corrosion of the heater core and radiator. rc
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    re-filling coolant sys

    Some of the thermostats have an air bleed pinhole and some don't but from my experience, a little overheating can occure as the coolant displaces pockets of air within the cooling system. The water pump will eventually push out the air as it pulls from the bottom of the radiator and you...
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    Road Trip Report

    After purchasing my 2wd 93 XLT last summer and putting a bit under $1000 worth of parts into her I'm happy to say she has carried me on another long road trip from Central CA to Seattle and back again. I ran 87 unleaded all the way and the engine didn't knock or ping much at all as long as I...
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    cant get the lights to work...HELP

    Lights? I had to change the in dash light switch on my 92 Ranger. I believe it had similar symptoms and is probably cheaper than the signal assembly. I want to say under $20 from Autozone. rc
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    How many miles can a clutch last?

    Cluch I have a Ranger with 130K but I'm not counting on the cluch lasting much longer. I'm hoping to get it to 150 before I have to touch the tranny other than fluid changes.
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    50/50 is fine. If the system is empty I would add one bottle of antifreeze and then fill the rest of the system with distilled water until it is filled to capacity. You don't want or need 2 bottles of antifreeze unless in the coldest climates and the distilled water greatly slows corrosion of...
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    Draining tranny in 4R55E equiped 4.0L OHV.

    Bleed first If your explorer has the auxillary transmission cooler connected via rubber hoses it is easy to pump off most of the pan fluid before you drop the pan. I wrote about this a while back. rc
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    lifter tick and cam options

    I had pinking in my X but the STP blue in the oil has quieted things down considerably. rc
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    My gas milage sucks!!!

    My 93 2wd gets about 13-16 town and and 18-21 highway and it's running good right now. rc
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    Aftermarket radiator

    No But.... No, but the next one will be a "lifetime" part from Autozone/Kragen.
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    STP Additive is Good Stuff!

    88, did you use STP or one of the other products mentioned in this thread. As far as the snake oil comment goes.... I'd not speak of that which I do not know. I'd really like to hear what others have to say about the STP? rc
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    STP Additive is Good Stuff!

    Flyguy, I've used Slick 50 also with no noticeable difference in power but I think the STP has some real benefits with high milage cars and it's cheap at less than $3 per treatment. Worth a try if you have a noisy engine. If you try it and it has no difference, let us know. rc
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    STP Additive is Good Stuff!

    After looking at some of the other post and coming across the oil filter study I should add that I was using Fram filters but recently tried the Tech 1 sold at Walmart and made by Champion labs. That may partly explain the reduced upper valve noise but I still recommend the STP. Just thought...
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    Clatter Noise

    See my other post STP Blue! rc
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    You should not push your Ex to 4K. My automatic never gets that high and sometimes rattles over 3K but it's much better since adding STP. It runs best between 1500 and 2500rpm. The Ex is not a sportscar but they are fun to drive. You might also consider Blue bottle STP oil additive for your...
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    STP Additive is Good Stuff!

    I was having a lot of top end rattle when I first bought my 93 Ex last summer. I tried thicker 20-50 oil but that just dropped my gas milage. A better mix has been mobile 1 10-30 and blue bottle STP oil additive. It's very thick and sticks to the mettle parts very well. I can report after...
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    motor problems

    Why? Why did you have to move things around. You may have more resistance in the airflow and your computer may not compensate no matter what you do. rc
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    97 explorer xlt service times/

    Well... With a used car you have to assume that nothing has been done. Make sure the oil, transmission, radiator and rear end have fresh fluid. Check belts and hoses and replace what is original if over 100K. Check the radiator cap and if bad replace but be ready to also replace the radiator...
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    Shaking when driving

    I would agree U joints are suspect especially if it gets worse with acceleration. I had some in a 68 ford that had u joint bearings that turned to powder after about 150K. To eliminate wheel bearings, you can get your X up to about 65 or so and carefully shift to neutral in a safe location...